To make a change from triathlon training Marlene, Harry, Thomas and Peter visited Stranraer on the 27th April for the Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships. Marlene beat her previous personal best by 25 seconds to win her age group and the title of national champion. Harry, although under the weather again produced a PB, but couldn't quite reach the level set by the British and Irish champion on the machine next to him. Peter, in his first attempt at any sort of rowing competition managed his 2000 metres in 7:27, and Thomas, who due to an administrative mix-up didn't row in the main race put on an exhibition 1000 metres in the lunch break. A superb effort saw him finish his debut 1000 metre event in just under 4 minutes.

Rowing is certainly not an easy option. While it does not, from my biased point of view have the depth of fulfilment and enjoyment that a triathlon has it is a good way to fit a really intense workout into seven and a half minutes. Do one of these competitions and I promise that you'll know you've been exercising. Maybe we'll get more tri club members taking part next year.


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