On 19th May the Leonard Family made the trek up to Alexandria to compete in the Lomond Tri Club junior triathlon and aquathon events. John and Matthew were the first to fly the flag for our club, racing in a 250metre swim/3km cycle/1km run triathlon. 53 youngsters turned up for this event. Quite a turnout. This was Matthew's first event of this type, and despite being a bit nervous about things he put in a solid swim, overtaking nearly everyone in his lane,followed by a good bike and run. As one of the youngest athletes in his heat he did really well to finish in 11th position (first under 11). John was in the same heat as Matthew, and swam well to exit the water in 3rd position, before turning on the power to drop most of the opposition over the bike and run sections, finishing second in his heat and in the event overall (first boy).

Jane and Thomas participated in the junior/novice aquathon, over a swim distance of 400 metres followed by a 5km run. Thomas, in a race against some stiff opposition was third out of the water but pulled out the stops on the run to finish first (again: it's getting boring, isn't it!). Jane was the only female competitor and so won this class by default, turning in a really good run time in doing so.

My race was the longest event of the day, comprising an 800 metre swim and a 10km run. The swim felt quite good, and I felt that overtaking more people than overtook me was a stoke in the right direction. However, calamity befell me on the run, when I strained a calf muscle and struggled to hobble to the finish. All in all I was glad to finish inside the hour.

All of the pictures are of John and Matthew because unfortunately Jane,Thomas and myself were all racing at the same time. Click on the pictures to get a proper image. Use the back arrow to return to this page.

Matthew strides out at the beginning of his run section
Are swim goggles really necessary on the bike: a bit of a poser in the making (albeit a fast poser)
It all seems worthwhile when someone gives you a medal
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