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To begin painting in watercolour all you need is a few tubes or pans of paint, a brush and a sheet of paper. Compared to many other media, the process is relatively simple i.e. 'just add water'. This simplicity can lead you to believe that painting in watercolour should be relatively easy, but many people find it a difficult medium to get to grips with. Rather than being a relaxing, creative pastime, the learning process can be full of frustration.
This journey of discovery and creation however, can be a real pleasure if carried out in a structured and fun way, gradually building up the skills and confidence necessary to create those magical atmospheric effects for which watercolour has no rival. So how do you get there and at the same time enjoy your journey of discovery and creation? If you are new to Watercolour, start by selecting the 10 points link. If you already know all about watercolour go to the experts page.

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