Peter's GB Stamp Album

British stamps from 1924 to date. If you are interested in buying any stamps illustrated on these pages, please make a note of the SG catalogue number(s) and go to my price list:

Price lists

SGMS2206 Centenary of the Submarine Service
SG2208-2209 (similar booklet stamps with self-adhesive gum)
Phosphor bands - Two
Issued: 22nd October 2001
Design: Dick Davis and Anton Morris
Printed in photogravure by the House of Questa
PVA gum (except self-adhesive stamps)
Perforations 14½ - Stamp size 41mm x 26mm, miniature sheet 92mm x 95mm
The 2 self-adhesive stamps (similar designs as the two at the left of the sheetlet) are contained in booklets together with 4 1st class definitive stamps


SG EN1-EN4 Pictorial definitives
Phosphor bands - One 2nd class, two others
Issued: 23rd April 2001
Design: Sedley Place
Printed in photogravure by De La Rue
PVA gum
Perforations 15x14 - Stamp size 20mm x 24mm
SG EN5, a 68p stamp similar in design to the 65p, was issued on 4th July 2002


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