Peter's GB Stamp Album

British stamps from 1924 to date. If you are interested in buying any stamps illustrated on these pages, please make a note of the SG catalogue number(s) and go to my price list:

Price lists

SG2448-2453 & MS2454 - Ocean Liners
Phosphor - Two bands
Issued: 13 April 2004
Design: John Gibbs from paintings by Edward D. Walker (1st), David Cobb (E class), Charles Pears (42p), Thomas Henry (47p), Raphael Monleaon y Torres (57p) and Joseph Walter (68p)
Printed in photogravure by De La Rue
PVA gum
Perforations 14.5x14 - Stamp size 41mm x 30mm
SG2455 - Self-adhesive version of SG2448


SG2456-2461 & MS2462 ~ Royal Horticultural Society
Phosphor - 2nd class one, other values two bands
Issued: 25th May 2004
Design: Rose Design from photographs by Barbara & Zafer Baran
Printed in photogravure by Joh Enschede Security Printers
Perforations 14.5 - Stamp size 35mm square ~ Miniature sheet 115mm x 105mm

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