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British stamps from 1924 to date. If you are interested in buying any stamps illustrated on these pages, please make a note of the SG catalogue number(s) and go to my price list:

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SG723-744 Queen Elizabeth II new definitives
Issued: 5th June 1967 to 1970
1967 saw the introduction of the now famous 'Machin' design after a plaster cast of the Queen's head and shoulders by Arnold Machin
The above illustrates a fair sample of the values and colours of the set. There are variations in phosphor banding, phosphor bands missing, shadings of colour and other differences.
Printed in photogravure by: Harrison & Sons Ltd. High Wycombe
No watermark
Perforations 15x14 - Stamp size 21mm x 24mm

Phosphor band issues. Vertical phosphor bands are printed on the face of the stamp and are visible under UV radiation or at an oblique angle to a light source. They may be applied to the left, right and/or centre of the stamp. Only the fact that a stamp has phosphor bands is mentioned here. Some values occur with bands at left, right, centre or with two or three bands.


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