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My name is Phil Burton, and this is my homepage, I hope you find this site interesting or informative!

The purpose of this site is mainly for an online collection of my bell ringing peal and quarter peal compositions, but there is also other stuff about me and the stuff I do, and also a Sam Austin section where Sam is allowed to vent his bell ringing frustration.

I believe all the compositions on this site to be unique, but if you do spot one that isn't, please do not hesitate to contact me by email. Contact details at the bottom.

My Compositions are checked with Beltower and Pealprover v5, but if you intend to ring one, please do check them for typing errors first! You will find compositions ranging from plain major to bristol surprise maximus. If you have any queries or feedback, please email me: [replacing -at- with @]

Composition Count: lost count....

Overhaul of the Bristol Surprise Major section. - and added another composition.

Added a composition of Bristol Major

Added a composition of Bristol Royal.

Added a composition of Bristol Max, and fixed a link to the Ringing in Chester page.

Also added some stuff to the 'about me' page.

4 more compositions of Bristol Surprise Major added, and more comment on the Bristol Surprise Major page

Several other minor 'adjustments'.

8/7/05: 6 compositions of Bristol Surprise Major have been added. These were composed during June and July 2005. Click Here 

A piece on Methods has been posted by Sam Austin... Click Here

Also added a page about my home tower, Aldridge

4/6/05: The Sam Austin section of this site has grown, and has been tidied up a bit.

3/6/05: A selection of Stuart Hutchieson's compositions are now available on this site, Click Here.

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