Bells of Liverpool
Samuel M Austin



It has now been 90 years since F.H.Cheetham first published “The Church Bells of Lancashire”; this surveyed the bells of churches founded before the year 1800, as well as the bells of this period which have found their way into modern churches.

This is my first major work on surveying bells or my first “county book” although strictly speaking Liverpool is not a county in it’s own right.

I have been climbing towers to see the bells since beginning secondary school in 1996, the first towers being surveyed were St Anne Aigburth, (next door to school) and St Faith Crosby (School music teacher was Assistant Priest there). As I have progressed, I have learned a lot from experience, from other historians and the Bell Historians email list set up by David Bryant.

Some of the earlier information is not sourced and I cannot remember where the information came from, but now I source all information.



Aintree St Giles - Aintree St Giles Tenor
Bootle - Bootle Tenor - Bootle Faith
Eccleston, St Thomas
Great Crosby
Huyton - Huyton Tenor - Huyton Treble
Liverpool Cathedral
Liverpool, St Francis Xavier
Rainhill Roman Catholic
Rainhill St Anne
St Helens Parish
St Mary, Highfield St - St Mary, Highfield St 2
Walton on the Hill
West Derby - West Derby 2  - West Derby 3