Bells of Liverpool
Samuel M Austin


This Bells of Liverpool survey attempts to give the weights, diameters, inscriptions, notes, founders and how the bell(s) are hung as a minimum, plus any other information that is of interest. I will also include my personal views on the bells.

Bells of Liverpool is an ongoing project, and as such is by no means complete, so if there are any discrepancies in the data, or if there is anything you think could be improved or added then Id be pleased to hear from you. My email address is

A more pictorial history of belfries in Liverpool by Jonathan Wild is in progress at Eventually links to this site will be available on every individual tower page.


Thanks in particular must go the following to for information regarding certain towers, and for their encouragement:

Bryan McCahey, Peter Furniss, Chris Pickford, Rev. David Cawley

...and to Loves Guide to London & Mike Chester's Church Bells of Warwickshire for the ideas.

Sources not mentioned in the survey

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The Churches of Liverpool. Lewis D.

Lancashire Association of Change Ringers annual report 2004.
Various Church Guide books

Samuel M Austin 2005.