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I have 27 years experience working as a neonatal nursing sister on a regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. My interest in Infant Massage & Complementary Therapies was a natural progression from my involvement with the Developmental Care Group on the unit.

I began teaching on the unit and at local hospitals, and started teaching reflexology at Christie Hospital in Manchester, specialising in pregnancy and working with babies & children.

Now retired from the hospital setting, I live in a small rural community in Wales, where I run Clinical Reflexology and Infant Massage classes for local Family Centres, and continue to lecture and run workshops throughout the UK.

I am also a Qualified Trainer with Touch-Learn International Ltd., with whom I have developed a Neonatal Massage Workshop, and am also a committee member as the Special Needs coordinator for The Guild of Infant and Child Massage.



State Enrolled Nurse
Therapeutic Touch practitioner
Clinical Reflexologist
Infant Massage Teacher
Infant Massage Trainer


Professional Affiliations/Registrations


The Guild of Infant and Child Massage
Clinical Association of Reflexology
British Association of Therapeutic Touch
The General Regulatory Council For Complementary Therapies


Publications & Books

Tipping E Mackereth PA (2000)
A concept analysis: The effect of reflexology on homeostasis to establish and maintain lactation. Complementary Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery
(now Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice) Vol 6(4) 189 -198

Tipping E (2005)
Adapting touch techniques for the neonate
Connections Vol 1(9) 6–8

Tipping E (2002)
Practising in the Neonatal Area
in Mackereth P.A. & Tiran D. (ed) Clinical Reflexology: A Guide for Health Professionals. Churchill Livingstone.  London.


Teaching Experience

I have presented lectures/conferences on

Reflexology in Pregnancy
Working with Babies
Neonatal Massage
Developmentally Supportive Care

at places such as

Christie Hospital (Manchester)
St. Mary’s Hospital (Manchester)
Homerton Hospital (London)
University of Central Lancashire
GICM Conference (Coventry)
The Institute of the Himalayan Tradition (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA)

I also run Infant Massage Teacher Training Courses for Touch Learn International Ltd. throughout the UK.


Home Credentials Classes & Workshops Infant Massage Clinical Reflexology

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