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Infant Massage
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Page updated: 15-Jan-2009

Infant massage provides a practical technique to help you ‘get in touch’ with your baby
It helps to promote a warm, loving relationship and is enjoyed by both you and your baby
Massage is a rhythmical stroking of the skin, with gentle movements of the arms and legs
It forms a communication between you and your baby that doesn’t always need words,
and can strengthen the emotional and physical bond between you and your baby


Benefits for your baby

Helps to aid digestion
Helps to relieve colic and constipation
Encourages good muscle tone and suppleness
Soothes and promotes restful sleep
Helps to boost your baby’s immune system
Helps to relieve ‘snuffles’

Benefits for yourself

Develops confidence in handling your baby
Helps to relieve stress
Allows you and your baby to become better acquainted
Helps to develop a strong emotional bond

Learn how & when to massage your baby


How to ask your baby's permission
How to make the massage fun
Know when to stop massage
Learn & understand your baby’s language

What you need

Clothing suitable for sitting on the floor
Minimal hand jewellery
Drink for baby
Small toy e.g. rattle, teething ring etc
A towel for baby
Changing mat



Do Not Massage if your baby

Has had a vaccination within 3 days
Has a skin infection, rash or broken areas of skin
Has unstable joints, brittle bones or fractures
Is taking any medication
Has been fed within the last 1 hour
Cries or shows any kind of distress on massage

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Home Credentials Classes & Workshops Infant Massage Clinical Reflexology

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