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Page updated: 14-Dec-2011


This is a command-line utility for finding font tables in memory.
It was written to help develop patches to fix corrupted screen fonts when running old 16-bit software on modern PCs; one example being the Dance of the Planets astronomy simulator.

Minimum system requirements

Windows 98SE and later, tested on Windows XP & Windows 7.


FindFont V4.00  14-Dec-2011

The program is free, but if you pass it on, please keep the package intact.


There is no 'installation' - the downloadable file is the main executable you run, so download & save it to a folder of your choice, e.g. C:\Utils
There are several options when running the utility so nothing will happen if you just double-click it - it needs to be run from a command window. Starting one of these varies according to your version of Windows; some examples are:-
In the command window, navigate to the folder containing the exe file, e.g.
cd \Utils

Run the utility by typing:

This will display various options & examples. Contact me if you have any problems.


Just delete the executable file you downloaded.

Phil Tipping, 2011