Ok, I can hear you asking - What is or are PigBits?  Well it's the slang term that a few of us down the local use for the great English traditional beer snack of Pork Scratchings that are enjoyed in pubs up and down Britain with a pint or three.







What are PigBits or Pork Scratchings ?
Pork scratchings are a snack food made from pieces of fatty pigskin deep-fried into chunky curls and seasoned.
What is the Pork Scratchings story ?
The exact origins of pork scratchings is somewhat unclear. One theory is that this food originated in the southern states of the United States of America, where it is called 'Pork Rind' and considered a delicacy. A view not shared in other parts of the USofA where it is treated with distain (so we're told).

However the most popular opinion is that they originated in England, in the West Midlands or in the heart of the British industrial revolution region also known as the Black Country, so called due to the smog and smoke rising out of ironworking foundries' chimneys and coal mines.  In the Black Country pork scratchings were very much the food of the working classes with origins back to the 1800's where it was produced as part of the tradition of families keeping their own pig at home and feeding it up for slaughter.

Due to the Atkins diet, there is renew interest in pork scratchings as a healthy snack food, as pork scratchings contain no carbohydrates. This despite the fact that they are extremely high in fat and sodium, and may generally be considered more delicious, to those who enjoy them, than healthy.

Pork Scratchings today are enjoyed all over the world from Latin America to France, and Spain, and Australia.  And of cause all over Britain pork scratchings are often the snack food of choice with beer in pubs up and down the country.

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Some UK Brands:  Note: There are many many independent butchers and small shops that produce and sell pigbits and we would recommend you try them yourself.  However, normally only mainstream brands like those listed here (in no special order) will be found in pubs.