This is only here in case any of my variety of friends or family ask about stuff. It gets putr together from bits of emails when solicitous folk ask — as, very kind of them, some occasionally do. Rather than hunt through previous emails if someone asks about something someone else has asked about a few years earlier, I put stuff here, and health is like other things: coverage is uneven, haphazard, just what has cropped up.

I have been very lucky with my health all my life. For example I did not, like so many children including some of my siblings, have to go into hospital as a child and lose my tonsils; nor did I ever need anything else done to me.

It is easy to see why, so far (to 2011), I have never been an in-patient anywhere. I have been into hospital as a day-patient going home afterwards only a couple of times, once (in 2000) for a cataract opertion, and once after being rushed in by ambulance after a small fall from a ladder while cutting down a tree, to be checked over (I was apparently turning blue at the mouth when found) before being sent home with some painkillers at 3 a.m. (13th..14th June 2008).

That is not to say that my life has been without health problems. I have written notes on some: