This is the boring bit

Who is R.M.O.

Meet the Family

My home town Preston

Well this is the boring bit, what follows is a brief résumé.

Name :
Robert M. O'Gara
Internet Provider :
Telewest Cable
Location :
Preston Lancashire. UK.
Employer :
Alstom. Preston. This is a French company and at the Preston site we design and manufacture control gear equipment and are UK's Customers Service for trains systems throughout the world.

Aerial view of Alstom

You can now E-mail me at work on "robert.o'gara@transport.alstom.com"

Profession :
Senior Designer in the case design unit using CATIA on a UNIX work station. My previous jobs have been a production planning engineer, a mechanical inspector and before that a turret lathe operator. I started work as a engineering toolmaker craft apprentice and later did a two year course for I.Q.A. (Institute of Quality Assurance) and then H.N.C. in Mechatronics.
Interests :
Any thing but games to do with computing - P.C. (ex Atari STE)
Star Trek, X-files and general science fiction etc.
science & science TV programmes in general.
Playing Chess, I play by E-mail both local to my service provider and world wide by the IECG (International E-mail Chess group) and now the IECC (International Email Chess Club) See home page for web links.
Local history.
I would like to learn French but cannot seem to find the time. This is not a subject that I did at school and find it hard.
Old School:
St Thomas More
I've worked in South Africa on two occasions and in Turkey.
I am a member of The Labour Party, although I do not agree with all of their policies I believe theirs' is the best of the bunch.
Problems :
Only one, I can't win the lottery. UK National Lottery


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