Solid Engineering
High power and high fidelity
Complete tone control
Custom manufactured cabinet components throughout
Tough road ready construction
Light weight cabinet design with full internal bracing
High quality CNC production techniques
Every element of construction is focused on quality, consistency and attention to detail

We firmly believe we have produced one of the best built and clearest sounding range of bass cabs available in the market place.
We are proud to be supporting UK business as part of the whole production of the EAD Range of Bass cabs.

Complete Control
At the heart of each EAD cab is the ability to truly tune each part of the system individually using the separate Mid and High attenuators. 


Each cab has its own custom built and designed crossover which is manufactured using point to point wiring techniques (normally reserved for the purist HiFi or boutique valve amplifiers) .  This crossover puts the power exactly where it needs at frequencies specifically selected by EAD to obtain the most out of the individual drivers.

Dual combined Jack / Speakon sockets are located on the custom designed recessed rear panel

EAD are proud to use Eminence Pro range Neo drivers

A pair of 12" drivers for the low end, a 6.5" sealed mid range driver for the upper mids, and a HF horn for the top end sizzle

Power handling is 500w RMS (1000w peak) for the lows, 200w for the mid range and 85w for the HF. 

All drivers are secured using threaded metal inserts and bolts

Kick proof custom CNC punched grills are secured to the main speaker baffle using isolating rubber mounts, threaded inserts and bolts

Each cab is fully coated with a monolithic 2 pack  Polyurea protective coating which far surpasses any of the hand applied or sprayed on water based speaker paints favoured by many speaker builders.  The coating used by EAD is increadibly tough,  water proof and scratch resistant.    Numerous coatings had been tried, tested and discarded before this system was adopted as the perfect solution


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