Fractal Sequencer & Virtual Instruments – Copyright Stuart Pryer 2013

FRACTAL SEQUENCER – current version 3.0 – New!

Now with MIDI input & Output, MIDI file player, editor and recorder and a Virtual Synthersizer!

A stand alone music composition and Imaging application designed to create human like melodies and produce fantastic images. Cost £20 for windows application.


Some examples of the stunning Images the software can create which are used to drive the midi sequencer.  Licensed users can produce high resolution images/prints.

julia set1.bmp    seahorse valley.bmp   starfrac.bmp

startupswirlb.bmp.bmp.bmp    startupswirl.bmp    startupswirla.bmp.bmp

User manual

Demo Version  Limitations. Earlier version 1.7. Fractal Images are limited in size to a maximum of 256 pixels square.  Sequencer limited to 16 notes.

Demo Track “Strings” mp3

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Customer reviews  See User manual for some more reviews


“I'm really enjoying exploring this app. Just scratching the surface right now. Looking forward to whatever is in the works for it, but it already is very usable. Great work Stuart! I hope enough people get on board to make it worthwhile for you, it really is worth it.”



Since Windows 7 came out you can no longer record ‘what u hear’ on a pc. This is the ‘Stereo Mix’ problem. This feature has been a great loss to many people especially those who record their own music at home and use windows 7/8/8.1.  Using recording software such as Sonar, Cubase,  Audacity or Cantibile you need a way of picking up the digital signal from virtual instruments.  I have found a great solution from

The software creates a virtual sound card which restores the ‘stereo mix’ or wave record function to the pc with very small latency!  I have found this software to be excellent and superior to two others I have tried.  Its interface is very intuitive and the software is easy to install.  A trial version is available on the website.  This solution is a lot cheaper than replacing your sound card.

Rating 5 stars  *****


THE SH-1000 virtual synth pays homage to the Roland SH-1000 synth first sold in 1973 and which was Rolands first synth.  Its successor was the SH-2000, but that was designed to be more of a preset instrument with far less flexibility.  The SH-1000 was used by Blondie, The Band, Jethrow Tull, The Human League and Eddie Johnson (Roxy Music) as well as many others. This was also the first synth I owned.

This version is available as a standalone .exe or as a windows vsti.  This version is polyphonic, has a mixer for all the wave forms and can save settings.  The original was not programmable.  There are  factory sounds preloaded in the synth courtesy of Yoa – see links below - in the 64 available program slots in each program bank. Programs/banks can be saved as text files or as fxp/fxb files using the host program for vsti. There is a pitch bend wheel instead of a glide button plus loads of improvements.  The synth can be set up exactly as the original, a monophonic synth or the user can use the extra enhanced features.

The software is either a windows standalone program or a VSTi and costs £20 sterling. 

User manual pdf

Downloads 2.8mb each

Demo track mp3 courtesy of Yoa

Free Demo VSTi

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BLUE SYNTH PM – FREE. It is a phase modulation virtual  synthesizer. It can produce lush pads or powerful leads.  It is available either as a standalone application or as VSTi for using in a host application such as Sonar, Cubase, Ambleton etc.

There are two oscillators to create the carrier waves which can both be phase modulated by a sine wave.  You can choose the carrier waveform and apply an attack, decay, sustain and release envelope whose amount can be adjusted. The Freq PM knobs control the phase modulation frequency, 0 is no modulation 1 is full modulation at half sampling rate. Oscillator 2 can be detuned.  The output can be fed through two filter banks with cutoff, resonance and track as well as ADSRs’ affecting the filters.  Programs can be saved.  There are 10 factory sounds preloaded in the synth courtesy of Yoa out of the 20 available program slots in each program bank. Programs/banks can be saved as text files or as fxp/fxb files using the host program for vsti. Please set midi and audio preferences in standalone version first.  In the VSTi the host settings fixes these parameters.  The download is free. All I ask is for feedback and ideas for additions or modifications.  Also additional programs/banks welcome.  I will host on my site.

User manual pdf

Demo track mp3 courtesy of Yoa

Downloads 2.8mb each

Standalone version

VSTi version

Special thanks to Yoa, who helped with creating the presets and demo songs, as well as beta testing. . Soundcloud ( and blog (


VIOLET SYNTH  is an advanced version of the Blue Synth.  It has an additional oscillator (OSC 3) which can be detuned.  As well as a ping pong delay and stereo chorus / flanger in the effects section connected in series to the main stereo output to really thicken the sound and produce a three dimensional soundscape.  A Pitch Bend wheel has also been added. A ‘panic button’ has also been added to stop all audio if the user needs to stop the sound quickly. There is also an inbuilt midi recorder and a low frequency oscillator. The software either windows stand alone or VSTi costs £20 sterling.  In the demo vsti version a sporadic noise has been added.


User manual

Free Demo VSTi

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Record midi from your instrument or VSTi (using midiyoke or loopbe1/loopbe30 virtual midi cables).  Play standard midi files and add an arpeggio to either.


Download midirecorder.exe



The most common problem with stand alone synths or hosts is being unable to access the sound drivers.  You will get an error message to this effect. This is normally caused by the legacy windows software Microsoft GS synth taking over the sound drivers for its sole use.  To prevent this problem left click on your speaker icon bottom right of windows.  Click playback device – click speakers, properties, advanced.  Uncheck ‘allow applications to make exclusive use of this device’.  Also uncheck ‘Give exclusive mode application priority’.  This will enable the use of the sound drivers.


The software will be e-mailed to the purchaser once payment is cleared.