This site is devoted to Pubs! This is a amateur guide of pubs around the world we have visited, plus where we live. If you wish to contact the author send you e-mails to

The pubs of London - This section is devoted to the best 250 pubs of Greater London, England. Johns home town .Always being added to and updated.  There are 225 pubs in the guide.

The pubs of Cornwall - Click here to link to Stuarts Web site. A complete guide to Stuarts Home County. Always being added to and updated. Over 150 photos of pubs in this section.  Scroll to bottom of home page for Cornish Pub Links.

The pubs of others UK towns and cities. Part 1 - With 13 photos of pubs at the moment including Brighton, Cambridge, Dorking, Oxford, Lewes, Isle of Man, Reading, Birmingham, Aylesbury and Shrewsbury.

The pubs of others UK towns and cities. Part 2 – With Norwich and the Lake District,Bristol, Edinburgh, Derby and York.

The Café's of Belgium including Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Ghent, Ostend and Poperinge. Including 27 photos of cafes.

The Café's of Amsterdam   with 90 cafes in all areas of Amsterdam. Plus 5 cafes in Haarlem, 5 cafes in Rotterdam, 5 cafes in the Hague,  8 cafes in Utrecht. and 7 cafes in Masstricht. Including 10 photos of cafes

The Pubs of USA 

East Coast    including New York City, Boston and New England, Philadelphia and Washington DC. Including 4 photos of pubs

West Coast   including San Francisco and Northern California, Portland and Oregon, Seattle and Washington state, and Denver. Including 8 photos of pubs.

,Cafes of France.   including Paris and Lille. Plus 8 photos of cafes in this section.

Pubs of Germany  including Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bamberg and Franconia, Munich, Dortmund and Berlin. Plus 23 photos of pubs in this section.

Various Countries  plus  BEER LINKS. including Copenhagen Denmark, Dublin Ireland, Prague Czech Republic, Sydney, Australia and Zurich Switzerland. Plus 13 photos of pubs in this section. Also John and Stuarts top ten pubs in London, Cornwall, and outside the UK.  .

There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn.

Samuel Johnson 21 March 1776

We'll drink to that!

John and Stuart

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