PART I - Peru in English: the Early History of the English Fascination with Peru

1. Introduction

2. Historical Texts - cronistas de Indias

3. Accounts of Sea Voyages and Travel - Thevet, Drake, Hawkins, Narborough, the Dutch, buccaneers (Dampier, Wafer), Acuña, Acarete du Biscay, Froger

4. Collections of Voyages and Travels - Hakluyt, Purchas, Hacke

5. Geographies and Atlases - Barlow, Botero, Stafforde, Abbott, Fage, Blome, Duval, Morden, Eden, Willes, Gardyner, N.N., Ogilby

6. Documents, Monographs and Theatre - Gilbert, Grenville, Hakluyt, Barba, Waller, Dryden,

7. Conclusion - the Scottish Darien enterprise, Defoe, 18th-c. privateers (Dampier, Rogers, Clipperton, Shelvocke), naval expeditions (Anson, Byron, Carteret, Wallis, Cook, Popham).

PART II - The Inca and Inca Symbolism in Popular Festive Culture: The Religious Processions of Seventeenth-Century Cuzco

8. Exploring Incan Identity

9. The Inca and the Politics of Nostalgia

10. The Inca Motif in Colonial Fiestas I

11. The Inca Motif in Colonial Fiestas II

12. Conclusion

Appendix 1 - List of works and documents in English relating to Peru, 16th-17th c.

Appendix 2 - Relación de la Fiesta, 1610