My interest in Gliding

Gliding is one of my hobbies, although living in the UK, constant flyable conditions are few and far between. I enjoy both flying the real thing as well as radio control versions, but at the moment, these pages are just for the real thing. So far, I have flown from the Dorset Gliding Club at Eyres Field in Dorset, Lasham Gliding Society and the Cornish Gliding Club at Perranporth. The one thing that I have found in the gliding community is that no matter where you decide to fly from, you will always receive a warm welcome.

My Gliding Galleries

Here are links to photos that were taken when I took my work colleagues to Lasham for Air Experience Flights.

6th July 2001

21st August 2002

30th May 2003

Mark Seagers Photos 11th July 2003

Adrian and Alex Moggs Photos 11th July 2003

Here is a really good aerial shot of Lasham airfield taken by a colleague Mark Seager while he was enjoying his flight.

So what else is there?

If you are interested in starting gliding as a hobby, then why not try a trial flight at your local club? Just visit the BGA who are the national society for the UK. You can either find a club from the links, or give them a ring. They are always willing to help.