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46223 Whitmore troughs

Coronation class N 46223 "Princess Alice" on the 'Royal Scot' passing over Whitmore troughs. The shedcode shows 66A, Polmadie (Glasgow). It was very rare for me to see a Polmadie "Duchess" south of Crewe. I have been informed by the well-known railway author and ex Crewe North man, Allan C Baker, that about 1951-53 (that is, before my time at Whitmore) the 'Royal Scot' was diagrammed for a Polmadie "Duchess" both ways between Glasgow and London (Euston) to 'up' the mileage run by locomotives from 66A. In "Steam World", April 1992, there is a photo of 46220 on the Royal Scot passing Norton Bridge (between Crewe and Stafford) on 1st July 1953. This loco was also shedded at Polmadie, supporting Allan Baker's comments.
Across the fields can be seen a farmhouse. When I was at Wolstanton Grammar School, one of the pupils in my class, lived there. He used to walk along the railway about of a mile to catch the bus. How I was jealous! There was a morning local train that used to pass him. It very often was pulled by an engine that had just come out of Crewe works, sometimes one from some far off shed whose engines rarely visited the Crewe area.
Photo from John Woodcock's collection.