Ilford Wargames Group
Meets every Sunday afternoon at
Frenford Sports Club, Seven Kings Road, Ilford, Essex

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Past Results



14th and 15th July

All Saints Catholic School & Technology College
Terling Road
Wood Lane


The school has asked us to finish early on Saturday, as they have another event in the evening. The
timetable has therefore been adjusted to suit a 5 oíclock finish. Start time in the morning has not
changed, we have just shortened the lunch break for those that have one. Unfortunately it means that
the DBM competition will probably have one less game for the quick players, but we have reduced the
entry fee this year, so you canít really complain, and it does mean more time in the pub (but no we
wonít have a later start on Sunday).

We have received a lot of requests for late entries,
THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM, there is plenty of
space at the venue, so we will accept entries up to the day, but do try to be earlier and get your army
lists in for checking.

The venue is the same as last year, and for those who havenít been with us before or have only been
to the previous Epping or Ilford venues here is a Streetmap of our location.

If anyone has any queries, please contact us at and we might eventually
get round to responding.

The Rampage Team