The Regency Assembly - Historical Dance

We learn and perform dances which were popular in
English Assembly Rooms during the Regency Period.

Our members are typically professionals who like to socialise whilst learning new skills and having fun.

Everyone is welcome to join us, most have no previous experience, whilst others have tried dance forms such as;
Salsa or other popular Latin American styles.

The Regency Assembly offers an attractive alternative to
these modern styles. We place much emphasis on
personal grace, deportment and social etiquette.

Jane Austen
If you have read novels by Jane Austen or enjoyed films such as Pride & Prejudice, perhaps you have wondered what it must have felt like; being invited to attend an elegant Ball in a grand assembly room. See lady's wearing attractive Empire Line dresses or to dance with a gallant gentleman in his Regiment's uniform. Would you like to be formally introduced to an elegant Lady or charming Gentleman before being asked to dance?

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The Regency Assembly

We learn dances at our classes, so as to be proficient when attending Balls in Lichfield or elsewhere in the country.
Dances of this period are social dances, you do not need to bring a partner as we all dance together.
Though some of the dances are stately, there are many which require a good level of fitness and agility.
It is unsurprising to realise the average age of attendees at a Ball in 1800 was 18 -30 years of age!

Dancing -
Grand Balls -
An important aspect of attending a Regency Ball is being dressed in appropriate clothes. These can be                     inexpensively hired, though many members like to make their own. Some of our members take special interest
in clothing, so there is plenty of guidance available if requested.
These are often held in assembly rooms  where the architecture of the period provides an appropriate setting for   dancing, merriment and sometimes a little romance!
There are three main elements to our activities:
The Regency Assembly recognise the period as being: 1790 - 1820 as the fashions and dances at this time have all the hallmarks of the "Regency period".