The Regency Assembly



Regency Ball - Phyllis' Fancy


The Grand March



Dance - A Longways with a minor set of two



I have a feeling - I will be singing later



Regency Period Balls are so Elegant



Which one of you lady's -would care to dance?



There is a time to be simply - Gorgeous !


Dancers come from all over the world - Gentleman from Germany



A very happy couple !



Is the next dance a Cotillion?



Feathers are an absolute must have period accessory



May I enquire -where is you Caperone this evening?



Perhaps there is still time for a dance with Mr. Darcy



~ Attending a Regency Ball is a lovely experience ~




If you would like to attend a Ball like this one; come along to our next dance workshop, learn the steps and join in the fun.
Details are on the classes page.





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