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ssessment & Development

Established in 1988, we are an independent HR consultancy with a reputation for supplying high-quality services to organisations in both the public and private sector.

Psychometric Testing
"Our MD rejected one applicant on the grounds that "his eyes were set too close together", and another because he spotted a copy of The Sun in her briefcase. He thought testing was "irrelevant and unfair".

Assessment Centres
"We did a selection centre once - 4 of our top managers spent a day watching 8 people being subjected to a series of gruelling, and largely irrelevant, activities.... then picked the person they liked most".

Search & Selection
"At some point during every interview, my boss would ask - "What would you do if you found a bomb inside your filing cabinet?" Only one candidate ever had the honesty and courage to reply, "Leg it".

Training & Development
"On my last course we bent steel bars across our necks, built a model car out of cardboard and learned how to juggle - now I just need to figure out how to work these into my next board presentation".

Human Resource Consulting
"Yeah, we have a policy on succession planning - someone will turn up".