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Bull Bay, Anglesey

Welcome to our June 2010 newsletter

    We have now been running for just over two years as a Bed  & Breakfast and 2010 will  mark some major changes for us as Michael was made redundant at the end of last year so we now have to be able to live off the business. We see this as an opportunity as he can now focus full time on moving Rhianfa forward and offer ever improving facilities and service to our guests.


We have started by converting our last two self catering apartments to B&B family suites which means we now have three such rooms with separate children’s bedroom allowing the parents to relax in the evening without worrying about disturbing the kids, click on this link to look at these rooms.


We are also working on improving facilities for bikers and walkers by building a lockable shed  outside the front in which there will be bike storage and clothes drying/warming facilities.


Our vision for the future is to develop more along the locally sourced/green route with ambitions of having our own chickens and growing our own fruit and veg. We see a picture of our guests sitting down to breakfast with  eggs, tomatoes, strawberries and jam all produced from the back garden. It’s a big ambition and it will take time but we will work on it gradually.


We look forward to the opportunity of seeing you soon

Our rooms
Our rooms