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Hi! My name is Beryl.

I come from Hampstead in London but now reside in Exmouth Devon.



I was a staff car driver in the W.R.N.S. for 5 years

I gained 3rd Kyu in Bujinkai Karate and have instructed adults and children
under Sensei Dave Ritchie.4th dan


I was also a swimming teacher with Exmouth Swimming & Life saving Society for ten years.


I don't smoke and I don't drink

This is an invitation to amusing verse. Most of which are based on true events

I hope you enjoy my website.
I built this web site with Macromedia Dreamweaver.

All poems, Granny clipart / animations © Copyright Beryl R Ladd





















Video of Hampstead Heath ©2006 Beryl R Ladd

This little video is of a pair of mute swans Filmed on Hampstead Heath in London where I grew up



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