who he?

‘Make no mistake, Mr. Mullin hears voices, and the voices told him to kill.

The acts were not acts of murder – but acts of sacrifice.’

James Jackson, attorney to Herb Mullin, Serial Killer.


“The voices made me do it,” is a claim killers often make. Is this deception or something more mysterious?

Jack Nave had worked hard to build a new life with Dawn, and she had tried hard not to ask too many questions, but when a crook and a detective fall in love they have to expect trouble - though nothing could have prepared them for a fate worse than death.

Shot in the head, teetering between life and death, Jack experiences a London populated by ghostly characters from down the centuries. Unsure if they real or the nightmares of an injured brain he embarks on an extraordinary journey in pursuit of a way back to life.

Dawn struggles to investigate Jack’s shooting, care for their daughter and accept revelations about his past. As Dawn’s behaviour turns increasingly erratic her police colleagues become concerned. Is she having a breakdown or is there something sinister going on?

Through an exciting mix of police procedural and supernatural thriller, historical fact and fertile imagination, deathless, manages to entertain and inform in its examination of human volition.

Ever wondered what makes us do what we do? Here is a clue – not us.


‘Of all the deaths in all the worlds, why did I have to end up with mine?’

                                                                                       Jack Nave      

DEATHLESS is a twisted crime chiller, about a family coming to terms with unseen forces. 

Full of action, humour and tragedy, this gripping novel reveals a startling new world only a death away.

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