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The Coors Cup and Bass Shield is an East Midlands Golf Croquet level-play tournament, sponsored by Molson Coors Brewing Company. It is an inter-club tournament organised by Ashby Croquet Club on behalf of the Federation of East Midlands Croquet Clubs (FEMCC), and is open to all East Midlands players.  We used to play it as a pre-season event on outdoor astroturf pitches at Shobnall Leisure Complex in Burton, but in recent years (2011 onwards) it has become a spring event on our lawns at Moira. 


It comprises two competitions:
Bass Shield: Awarded to the winning team of the tournament. Teams usually consist of three players.

Coors Cup: Awarded to the best individual player on the day.


The tournament consists of a number of rounds of singles level-play 13-point Golf Croquet games, usually played to a time limit of 35 minutes.  Each player plays a minimum of six games.

BASS SHIELD Previous winners:
2001* Nottingham
2002* Ashby
2003  Ashby
2004  Ashby
2005  Ashby
2006  Southwell

2007  Ashby
2008  Southwell

2009  Sapcote

2010  Ashby

2011  Ashby

2012  Ashby

2013 Leicester

2014 Leicester

2015 Leicester
2016 Leicester
2017 Ashby

* The Bass Shield was an Association Croquet astroturf competition for the first two years.



COORS CUP Previous winners:
2005  Barrie March (Ashby)
2006  Mick Seagrave (Southwell)
2007  Christine Mounfield (Ashby)

2008  Arthur Rowe (Ashby)

2009  Tim King (Ashby)

2010  Arthur Rowe (Ashby)

2011  Ray Mounfield (Ashby)
2012  Christine Mounfield (Ashby)

2013  Mike O'Brian (Ashby)

2014  David Bell (Leicester)

2015 Mike O’Brian (Ashby)
2016 David Bell (Leicester)
2017 Chris Jackson (Long Eaton)






Restricted to SIX teams


Saturday 26th MAY 2018 (NOTE: start time 10.00 am)

Ashby Croquet Club invites entries from teams or individuals

for the above competitions (to be run concurrently)


BASS SHIELD teams of three (FEMCC Club teams wherever possible!)

COORS CUP - to be awarded to the best individual player

(Individuals who enter will be formed into teams of three, and as a team will also compete for the Bass Shield)

The competition(s) will consist of a number of rounds of singles (level play)

13 point games played to a time limit of 35 minutes.

Each player will play a minimum of six games.

Closing date for entries and allocation: 8 May 2018*

In allocating places, priority will be given to allowing each EMF club to enter a team of three players

-If more than 6 clubs apply to enter a team, then only the first 6 will be accepted

-If fewer than 6 clubs enter ... Ashby will be awarded a second team place

-Priority will then be given to individuals from EMF clubs unable to enter a full team

-Any remaining places will be awarded on a first come basis

* No places, Club or Individual, will be allocated until the appropriate entry fee has been received.

ENTRY FEE - £21 per team

Cheques payable to “Ashby Croquet Club” should be sent to Ray Mounfield

(Station House, Appleby Lane, Snarestone, Swadlincote DE12 7BZ)

 Further information from Ray (Tel 01530 273098)




2017 REPORT  Played
on Saturday 20th May at Moira  Report by Ray


The five East Midlands clubs taking part had each played in this competition on at least one previous occasion, with the holders of the Bass Shield, Leicester, having won the trophy in each of the last four years. However, this year Leicester, without their number one player, David Bell, failed to secure a place in the play-off, finishing second to Ashby “B” in the morning block play. The other block was won by Ashby “A”.

In the afternoon, winning four games out of six was enough for Ashby “A” to secure the Bass Shield. Whilst several players finished the competition with four or five wins, there was just one who won all six games, so Chris Jackson (Long Eaton) took home the Coors Cup.

Despite varying amounts of rain throughout the day players appreciated the Moira courts which, thanks to Martin, were in very good condition.


Winner of the Bass Shield: Ashby “A”


Winner of the Coors Cup: Chris Jackson



Team members:


Leicester: Alison Murray, Mark Buckley and Len Sumpter

Long Eaton: Chris Jackson Joan Skuse and Nigel Hames-Keward

Ashby A: Christine Mounfield, Mike O’Brian and Tim King

Bakewell: Steve Marsh, Peter Blackburn and Alan Reeves

Ashby B: Martin Wroughton, Richard Tate and Ray Mounfield

Darley Dale: Colin Turnbull, Margaret Marshall and Louis McMeeken

Photographs by Alison Murray


2016 REPORT  Played
on Saturday 21st May at Moira  Report by Ray

The tournaments were again well-supported, with five East Midlands clubs taking part.  Bakewell were absent (enjoying a “jolly” at Ripon Spa) but Darley Dale had entered for the first time.

Leicester and Ashby A each won their blocks, with Ashby B and Long Eaton as runners-up. The two top teams played each other.  The winners of both the Bass Shield and the Coors Cup were in doubt right up to the last game between David Bell and Christine Mounfield. The manager relaxed the time-limit so that the game would produce a result. A win for Christine would mean that Leicester and David would win neither trophy. Having lost the toss Chris was pleased to get a ball well into the jaws of hoop 1. After some deliberation David pulled off a fantastic jump shot from the boundary and following a decisive fifth hoop secured both without having lost a single match. So Leicester narrowly retained the Bass Shield having achieved three wins and a draw from the six games played against Ashby A.

The match between Long Eaton and Ashby B to determine third place, was tied with three wins for each team, with Darley Dale beating Southwell to take fifth place.

The weather had been a little variable, but overall OK and everyone had an enjoyable day.

Winner of the Bass Shield: Leicester CC

Winner of the Coors Cup:   David Bell

Team members:

Leicester:      David Bell, Mark Buckley and Richard Whiting
Long Eaton:   Chris Jackson, Paul Durkin and Joan Skuse
Ashby A:       Christine Mounfield, Martin Wroughton and Mike O’Brian
Darley Dale:   Colin Turnbull, Margaret Marshall and Louis McMeeken
Southwell:     Tim Robson, Julie Broome and Josie Minion
Ashby B:       Julie Boulton, Ray Mounfield and Richard Tate*

*Richard deserves special mention. He joined Ashby Club very recently and hadn't played a singles game prior to this event. He agreed to play a few days before Saturday and his creditable results included a win.


2015 REPORT  Played on Saturday 23rd May at Moira  Report by Ray


The tournaments were fully subscribed with five East Midlands Federation clubs taking part. Unfortunately the place initially allocated to Nottingham had to be converted to a second Ashby team (the Ashby Bees).


Block A was won by Ashby A by a significant margin, ahead of Bakewell and Long Eaton. The other block saw Leicester emerge as winners, over Ashby Bees and Southwell.


The two top teams played each other ... with Leicester once again retaining the Bass Shield with four wins from the six games played.


The Coors Cup, awarded to the best individual player, was very closely contested. Everyone had played six games during the day and three players scored five wins out of six. David Bell, the previous holder, was unbeaten, but his two drawn games kept him out of the play-off.  The manager had decided that a shoot-out should decide the winner, so Christine Mounfield, Derek Buxton and Mike O'Brian obliged. Chris and Derek narrowly failed to score with their four attempts at the hoop, but Mike scored with his first attempt!


The weather had been good and everyone enjoyed the day.


Winner of the Bass Shield: Leicester CC

Winner of the Coors Cup: Mike O'Brian


Team members:

Leicester: David Bell, Mark Buckley and Richard Whiting

Long Eaton: Kath Wright, Chris Jackson and Joan Skuse

Ashby A: Christine Mounfield, Martin Wroughton and Mike O’Brian

Bakewell: Steve Marsh, Tim Spray and Alan Reeves

Ashby Bees: Jenny Biggs, Eileen and Derek Buxton

Southwell: Tim Robson, Julie Broome and Mick Seagrave



2014 REPORT  Played on Saturday 17th May at Moira  Report by Ray


The 2014 Bass Shield and Coors Cup event was held in glorious sunshine.

The six teams were divided into two blocks, with each block winner progressing to the final and competing for the Bass Shield.  Block A was won by Ashby ”A” and Block B by Leicester.  The Leicester team of Bob Hall, Richard Whiting and David Bell went on to beat the Ashby team and retain the Bass Shield.

Players from the other four teams - Long Eaton/Nottingham, Southwell , Branston U3A and Ashby “B” - played each other, so each player had recorded six games.

However the player with the best individual record was David Bell (Leicester) with five wins and a drawn game; consequently he won the Coors Cup.






2013 REPORT  Played on Saturday 25th May at Moira  Report by Ray


After the disappointing entry for last year’s event, this year the tournaments were fully subscribed with six EMF clubs entering a team.  Block A consisted of Nottingham, Leicester and Bakewell, and Block B Ashby, Long Eaton and Woodhall Spa.  The block winners were Leicester and Long Eaton who went on to compete for the Bass Shield.  Results of games between the two teams gave each team 3 wins and the winner had to be decided on “hoop difference”.  Leicester emerged as winners with a better difference of a single hoop.


The Coors Cup, which is awarded to the best individual player, was also closely contested. All team members played six games during the day and four players emerged with five wins out of six: Kath Wright (hoop difference of  +10),  David Bell (+15), Christine Mounfield (+22) and Mike O’Brian (+25).  The trophy was awarded to Mike O’Brian.


The weather had been kind and everyone taking part enjoyed the day.


Team members:

Leicester : David Bell, Lawrence Whittaker and Richard Whiting

Long Eaton : Kath Wright, Chris Jackson and Joan Skuse

Ashby : Christine Mounfield, Martin Wroughton and Mike O’Brian

Bakewell : Bob Furniss, Mike White and Alan Reeves

Nottingham : Cathy Turski, Eileen Buxton and Margaret Shah

Woodhall Spa : Bob Potter, Pauline Donner and Roy Donner



The Leicester team with the Bass Shield


Mike with the Coors Cup



2012 REPORT  Played on Saturday 26th May at Moira


The competition, which had for many years been an Astroturf event, was held on grass at Moira for a second time.  It had been hoped that six East Midlands clubs would enter a team, but some clubs had clashes with their other arrangements and so five team entries had been received.  The tournament manager’s schedule had to be revised when just four teams presented themselves for play.


The teams of three - Sapcote, Nottingham and two teams from Ashby -  enjoyed their games on well-prepared lawns, thanks primarily to Martin, and in bright sunshine.  Each player had six 13-point games, with sufficient time allowance that all games were completed.


The Bass Shield team award went to Ashby “A” (Mike O’Brian, Chris and Ray Mounfield) who won all of their games. The other teams were closely bunched, but ended with Nottingham as runners-up.


A tie-break system was needed to decide the individual event.  Mike, with the best hoop difference, was given an automatic place in the final game.  Ray and Chris played a 7-point game to decide who was to meet Mike!  Chris secured this honour, and went on to beat Mike in the final and win the Coors Cup with a score of 7-5 and some very impressive shots.


Report by Ray

Mick and Chris in the Coors Cup 2012


2011 REPORT  Played on Saturday 28th May at Moira


Unfortunately we had insufficient entries from other clubs to make the Astroturf event viable, so we had to reschedule this year's event to take place on grass at Moira. Six teams competed for the Bass Shield, which was won by Ashby A.  Ray Mounfield was the winner of the Coors Cup.


Report by Chris:


The 2011 Coors Cup and Bass Shield competitions were held for the first time on grass at Moira, and in May rather than March.  Eighteen players in teams of three came from Sapcote, Nottingham, Richmond Park (Gainsborough) and Ashby. Nottingham fielded an all female team, and Ashby and Richmond Park each entered two teams.


Play started in two blocks of three teams.  This phase resulted in Sapcote heading Block A, thanks to a slightly superior hoop difference over Richmond Park A.  Ashby A topped Block B.


The Bass Shield team trophy went to Ashby A (Martin Chris and Ray) who beat Sapcote in a somewhat one-sided final.  Ray and Chris each had the same number of wins, but Ray took the Coors Cup on hoop difference.


Liz deserves a special mention for valiantly ‘volunteering’ to enter her first tournament just four days after wielding a mallet for the first time in a taster session.  At the end of the day she had more than doubled her croquet playing time and had scored some very good hoops.



2010 REPORT  Played on Sunday 7th March

Patricia and Rupert

Shobnall Leisure Complex, Burton on Trent, Sunday March 7th.  Blue skies and sunshine.  Could this really be the day of the annual Astroturf Golf Croquet competition, sponsored by Coors the brewers?


Eight teams of three were ready and waiting to play, representing five different East Midlands Federation clubs: Ashby, Bakewell, Leicester (entering the event for the first time), Southwell and Woodhall Spa.   Two other teams – from Richmond Park (Gainsborough) and Sapcote – had entered but later had to withdraw.  Junior internationals Rachel Rowe and Will Gee, who last year had played as part of a Nottingham team, had been unable to muster a third Nottingham member, so co-opted Rachel’s father Arthur and entered as an additional Ashby team.


The preliminary block play saw the juniors’ team, named Ashby “J2O” (two juniors plus other!), heading Block A with nine wins out of nine games, with Ashby B as runners-up.  Block B saw Ashby A and Bakewell qualify for the afternoon team play-off.


Ashby J2O were equally strong in the afternoon, again winning all their games and emerged convincing winners of the Bass Shield.  Ashby A took the runner-up place.  Leicester won the afternoon block play involving teams that had failed to make the cut, closely followed by Woodhall Spa and Southwell.


The individual competition, the Coors Cup, went to Arthur Rowe, with a superior hoop difference to his fellow team members – five more than Will and six more than Rachel.  Aside from the team that dominated the event, the next best individual results were achieved by David Bell (Leicester) and Richard Sanville (Ashby B), each with four wins.


A few players were new to golf croquet and for some it was their first-ever tournament but all enjoyed their early season croquet outing.


We are grateful for Coors’ sponsorship of the event and for the opportunity to play on the challenging sanded Astroturf surface.  The same courts are already booked for 2011.  We’d like to be able to book the same weather too......


Report by Christine Mounfield


Martin and Tim


Ashby J2O


Group picture



2009 REPORT   Played on Sunday 8th March

Hail at Shobnall


Coors Cup winner Tim King



We have new names on both trophies this year: Sapcote won the Bass Shield, and Tim King of Ashby won the Coors Cup.


Arrangements had been made for an earlier start this year, with play actually getting underway as planned at 10.30 am.  There were eight teams of three, representing six different East Midlands Federation Clubs, and we were graced with the presence, as competitors, of the CA Chairman of Council, Patricia Duke-Cox, and GC Laws and Tournament Chairman, Tim King.  Initially it looked as if the weather might be kind (for a third consecutive year!) but it quickly turned nasty (as the picture shows) and we had to contend with rain, sleet, hail and frequent gusts of wind.


The preliminary block play saw the holders of the team trophy, Southwell, heading Block A, with relative newcomers Sapcote in runner-up place.  Block B was headed by a Nottingham team which included two junior players, with Ashby A as runners-up.  The Nottingham juniors Will Gee and Rachel Rowe had each won all three of their games and were fancied to win the individual competition.


The afternoon’s play produced some interesting results, with the Sapcote team losing only one game and emerging as convincing winners of the Bass Shield.   Ashby A narrowly beat Southwell and Nottingham for runner-up place.  With three afternoon wins to add to two from the morning, the Coors Cup individual competition went to Tim King.  Three players - William Gee, David Lambert (Sapcote) and Tim Robson (Southwell) - each finished on four wins and a draw.


Ashby B won the afternoon block play involving teams that had failed to make the cut, with Woodhall Spa and Bakewell finishing in joint sixth place.


Despite the weather everyone enjoyed their pre-season croquet outing and the courts at Shobnall are already booked for the 2010 competition on Sunday 7th March.




Bass Shield winners Sapcote


2008 REPORT    Played on Sunday 9th March


The 2008 Astroturf tournament was a sell-out, with all 24 places allocated and paid for three weeks before the closing date.


We had teams competing from eight different clubs across the East Midlands: Ashby, Bakewell, Gainsborough, Long Eaton, Nottingham, Sapcote, Southwell and Woodhall Spa.


The Bass Shield team competition was won by Southwell for the second time in three years.  Arthur Rowe won the Coors Cup individual competition.  Mike O’Brian won the Ashby Auxiliaries Award.



We couldn’t believe it!  The sun was shining, the sky was blue and we were setting up two courts at Shobnall Leisure Centre in preparation for the eighth annual East Midlands Federation Astroturf Golf Croquet Tournament sponsored by Coors, the Brewers.  Previous experience has taught us to prepare, especially in dress, for all varieties of adverse weather conditions and, as play progressed, mutterings of “I’m a bit warm” and “I’ll have to take a layer off” were heard across the courts.


The event had proved very popular this year and we couldn’t accommodate everyone who wanted to play.  Many thanks to those who transformed themselves into spectators for the day!


Eight EMF clubs were represented, with three players in each team. Teams were arranged in two blocks.  Block A comprised Sapcote, Woodhall Spa, Ashby and Bakewell.  Nottingham, Southwell, Long Eaton and Gainsborough made up Block B.


Results from nine 25-minute games determined progress to the final round, with two teams from each block going through.  Southwell had adjusted well to the fast and, in places, sloping surface and played with remarkable consistency to achieve 8 wins.  Nottingham, Sapcote and Ashby also went through with 5 wins and 1 draw each.


In the final round Southwell maintained earlier form and took the Bass Shield with 6 wins from their 9 games.  (Nottingham: 4 wins, 2 draws,  Ashby: 3 wins, 4 draws, Sapcote: 4 draws.)


Two players maintained an unbeaten record but Arthur Rowe of Ashby had five wins, one more than Southwell’s Mick Seagrove.  Arthur therefore took the Coors Cup for best individual performance.


Woodhall Spa came out top of the non-qualifiers block (with 7 wins and a draw).

At one point, a short sharp hailstorm (pictured below) reminded us not to get too complacent about the weather but we left Shobnall having enjoyed a good day’s play and looking forward to the next astroturf tournament on March 8th 2009!


In the mini competition, the Ashby Auxiliaries’ Award (primarily intended for the helpers!) Mike O’Brian took the award, with 3 wins out of 3.


Report by Christine Mounfield






2007 REPORT    Played on Sunday 11th March

The Ashby “Seniors” team of Mick Haytack, Arthur Rowe and Chris Mounfield won the Bass Shield team competition, and Chris also won the Coors Cup individual competition.  Ray’s tournament report follows:


The day dawned bright and clear – amazingly, since this tournament has previously been played in horizontal sleet, gale force winds and snow (see pictures from 2006 below, and last April’s front cover of The Gazette)!  At 11am we were waiting impatiently for the junior hockey players to vacate the Astroturf at Shobnall Leisure Centre in Burton on Trent.  Then willing hands hammered in hoops, pegs and boundary strings for four full-sized courts (measuring out had been done two days before).


This year the event, which is sponsored by Coors, proved more popular than ever with teams from five East Midlands clubs taking part.  Unfortunately some late applicants couldn’t be accommodated, but 24 players in eight teams contested the main event.  Playing experience ranged from first season to international level and three juniors were included.


Play started in two blocks:

Block A:  Ashby Juniors (Rachel, Tim/Andrew, Eileen), North Hykeham, Woodhall Spa, Ashby PD+1 (Noel, Jayne, Derek)

Block B:  Ashby Seniors (Mick, Arthur, Chris), Bakewell, NH/WS, Southwell


After five rounds the top two placings from each block –Ashby Juniors and Ashby PD+1 from Block A and Ashby Seniors and Southwell from Block B – went on to contest the team event for the Bass Shield.  After five more closely-fought rounds, Ashby Seniors (Mick Haytack, Arthur Rowe and Christine Mounfield) emerged as clear winners with 13 wins and 3 draws from their eighteen games.  There was little between the other places, but Southwell narrowly edged into second spot with 10 wins.


The Coors Cup for highest placed individual was taken by Christine Mounfield with five wins and one draw from six games played.  Tim Robson (Southwell) and Noel Penn-Davis each had five wins but Tim’s better hoop difference put him into runner-up position.


For anyone eager to play when grass courts are out of action, we can thoroughly recommend an Astroturf experience.  The surface plays differently, obviously, but the basic techniques are the same. 


The date for next year’s competition will be Sunday March 9th.  Closing date for entries is February 16th, so if you fancy playing next year, apply in good time and avoid disappointment!



1st  Ashby Seniors (Mick, Arthur, Christine)  13 wins, 3 draws

2nd  Southwell  10 wins



1st Christine Mounfield (Ashby)  5 wins, 1 draw

2nd Tim Robson (Southwell)  5 wins

3rd Noel Penn-Davis (Ashby)  5 wins



2006 REPORT    Played on Sunday 12th March

Ashby’s domination of the Astroturf in recent years has ended, with Southwell winning the Bass Shield in very wintry conditions.  The three players in the Southwell team – Mick, Don and Tim – also finished in the first three places for the Coors Cup individual competition.  Ray Mounfield (Tournament Manager) reports:


The sixth annual FEMCC Astroturf event was held at Shobnall, Burton-on-Trent on Sunday 12th March 2006.  Adverse weather reports gave rise to the late withdrawal of the Woodhall Spa team, but with a little reorganisation a second Ashby team was created to enable six stalwart teams to brave the wind and snowy conditions.  In all, six FEMCC clubs were represented with Sapcote and Nottingham members joining force.


Initially the courts were covered with a layer of snow but during the day this melted away giving rise to very interesting and challenging variation in both speed and trueness of the surface.  During early rounds it was inevitable that balls collected a covering of snow and visibly grew as they rolled towards their targets.


The event is sponsored by the local brewery.  The results of the team competition (for the Bass Shield) were decided when all members of each team had played a member of each of the other teams.  The winners were Southwell (Don Martin, Tim Robson, Mick Seagrave) scoring 12.5 wins, out of a possible 15  with Ashby “R” (Barrie March, Chris and Ray Mounfield) second on 10.5 wins, followed by Ashby “E” (Eileen Buxton, Mike O’Brian, Derek/Mick) 9 wins : Sapcote/ Nottingham (Joyce Critchley, Pat Wright, William Gee) 7 wins : North Hykeham (Stan Mumby, Brenda Roe, Doreen Taylor) 4.5 wins : Gainsborough (Joan and Toy Hesp, Steve Pikett) 1.5 wins.


At this stage the two highest scorers were Mick Seagrave and Don Martin.  After the final round of play, which paired Mick against Don, and Barrie against Tim(for third place) the final individual ranking was:

First, and winner of the Coors Cup : Mick Seagrave (5.5 wins)

Runner-up : Don Martin

3rd  Tim Robson  : 4th  Barrie March  : 5th  Pat Wright

6th Chris Mounfield  : 7th  Ray Mounfield  : 8th  Eileen Buxton

The Ashby “E” team had Derek Buxton and Mick Haytack sharing the role of third team member and although together they won all six of their games they were ineligible for the “individual” award.


All players agreed that it had been an enjoyable day and left for a homeward journey in somewhat better conditions than at the start of the day.

1st  Southwell  12.5 wins
2nd  Ashby ‘R’ (Ray, Chris, Barrie)  10.5 wins

3rd  Ashby ‘E’ (Eileen, Mike, Derek/Mick)  9 wins


1st Mick Seagrave (Southwell)  5.5 wins
2nd Don Martin (Southwell)
3rd Tim Robson (Southwell)



2005 REPORT    Played on Sunday 20th March

The Ashby A team have won the Bass Shield astroturf tournament - a Golf Croquet competition played at Shobnall Fields - for the fourth year in a row. Well done to the winning team of Ray and Christine Mounfield and Barrie March, who competed against other East Midlands teams from Woodhall Spa, Long Eaton and Southwell, and also a second Ashby team. Barrie also won the Coors Cup - awarded to the highest scoring individual on the day.

1st Ashby A: 13 wins, hoop difference +36
2nd Woodhall Spa: 13 wins, hoop difference +22


1st Barrie March (Ashby): 5 wins out of 6, hoop diff. +23
2nd Patricia Duke-Cox (Woodhall Spa): 5 wins out of 6, hoop diff. +12
3rd Don Martin (Southwell): 5 wins out of 6, hoop diff. +3



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