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An inter-club league, organised by the Federation of East Midlands Croquet Clubs.  Teams of 4 players (but can be reduced to 3 players each if both clubs agree in advance).  Each match consists of one doubles game and six singles games, so each player gets two games.  Handicap games, full-bisque to base 6.  Time limit 1 hr 30 mins.

Previous winners:

1993* Northampton

1998* Leicester

2003  Woodhall Spa

2008  Woodhall Spa

2013 Ashby

1994* Ashby

1999* Northampton

2004  Woodhall Spa

2009  Nottingham

2014 Not contested

1995* Leicester

2000* Ashby

2005  Southwell

2010  Nottingham

2015 Nottingham

1996* Ashby

2001* Northampton

2006  Ashby

2011  Nottingham

2016 Not contested

1997* Ashby

2002* Northampton

2007  Nottingham

2012  Lincolnshire group







* Short Croquet league up to 2002


2015 RESULTS  Played on Sun 6th Sept at Bakewell

Bakewell hosted a three-way tournament, with teams of four people from Bakewell, Nottingham and Ashby competing, and handicaps ranging from 9 to the maximum of 20.  Each club arranged themselves into two doubles pairs – the Ashby pairs being Richard & Christine, and Derek & Martin. Each pair played against both of the pairs from each of the other two clubs, giving four rounds overall. There was a 90-minute time limit for each game, with none of the games finishing within the time limit. Many of the games were very close, as was the overall result, with Nottingham finishing on 5 wins, Bakewell 4 wins and Ashby 3 wins.

This was the first time Bakewell have organised a regional tournament – thanks to them for their hospitality. It was a lovely warm day, with many trips being made to the ice-cream van which was conveniently situated alongside the lawns.




Unfortunately the 2014 competition was cancelled. Ashby and Nottingham were the only clubs to have registered an interest, but Ashby were unable to raise a team.





Nottingham 1 – 4 Ashby (Will, Mick and Derek)


Things are getting desperate – the East Midlands 14-point AC League was once contested by 5 or 6 clubs playing a full season of league fixtures. This year we were down to just two clubs, one match and that with only 3 players per side.


Nottingham hosted the match against Ashby. Ashby were comfortable winners 4–1 and so win the ‘League’. As champions, Ashby will be presented with the Federation ‘Short Croquet Salver’.





Three teams entered this competition. Branston U3A combined with Woodhall Spa to form the Lincolnshire group and competed against Ashby and Nottingham.  All won one match, but the Lincolnshire Group beat Ashby by 5 games and was declared the winner of the Short Croquet Salver.


Saturday 2nd June: Ashby 3 – 2 Nottingham

Rachel Rowe (2.5) & Derek Buxton (10) 14 – 5 Bob Thompson (4) & Ian Dovey (11)

Arthur Rowe (3.5) 14 – 7 Sue Wileman (10)

Rachel Rowe 6 – 11 Sue Wileman

Arthur Rowe 14 – 1 Bob Thompson

Derek Buxton 7 – 10 Ian Dovey

Saturday 20th October: Lincolnshire group 5 – 0 Ashby





Ashby's results:


Saturday 30th July: Ashby 5 - 2 Woodhall Spa & Branston

Rachel Rowe (3) & Jeremy Staley (10) 8 – 11 John Norman (14) & Mary Timms (22)

Arthur Rowe (3.5) 14 – 11 Ralph Timms (22)

Richard Sanville (9) 14 – 1 Roger Reed (20)

Rachel Rowe 14 – 10 John Norman

Arthur Rowe 14 – 2 Roger Reed

Richard Sanville 10 – 9 Mary Timms

Jeremy Staley 4 – 14 Ralph Timms


June 2011: Nottingham 3 - 2 Ashby


Nottingham beat Woodhall Spa & Branston 4-3 in the other match, so Nottingham win the league.




Unfortunately Woodhall Spa could not raise a team this year, which left just Nottingham and Ashby.  Nottingham narrowly won both the home and away fixtures and therefore retain the trophy.


Saturday 19th June: Ashby 2 – 3 Nottingham


Monday 2nd August: Nottingham 3 – 2 Ashby

Sue Wileman (11) & Derek Blow (8) 14 – 5 Arthur Rowe (4.5) & Jeremy Staley (10)

David Woodhouse (8) 14 – 5 Derek Buxton (10)

David Woodhouse 9 – 14 Arthur Rowe

Derek Blow 11 – 13 Derek Buxton

Sue Wileman 12 – 6 Jeremy Staley






There were only three clubs participating again, so to make it a more meaningful competition the Federation decided to introduce both home and away fixtures so that each club plays four matches in all.


Saturday 16th May: Ashby 5 – 2 Nottingham


Saturday 25th July: Nottingham 5 – 2 Ashby

Derek Blow (9) & Sue Wileman (16) 14 – 7 Richard Sanville (10) & Geoff Ellott (14)

Clive Goode (14) 8 – 14 Jeremy Staley (10)

David Woodhouse (11) 14 – 6 Arthur Rowe (6)

Derek Blow 12 – 9 Arthur Rowe

David Woodhouse 14 – 7 Jeremy Staley

Clive Goode 11 – 14 Richard Sanville

Sue Wileman 14 – 7 Geoff Ellott


Woodhall Spa v Ashby: Not played

Ashby v Woodhall Spa: Not played


Results of other matches:

Woodhall Spa 2 – 5 Nottingham

Nottingham 7 – 0 Woodhall Spa


Final league positions: 1st Nottingham (3 wins); 2nd Ashby (1 win); 3rd Woodhall Spa (0 wins)



Only three teams took part: Ashby, Nottingham and Woodhall Spa.


Saturday 21st June: Nottingham 3 – 4 Ashby
Michael Finnigan (7) & David Woodhouse (18) 14 – 3 Derek Buxton (8) & Geoff Ellott (16)
Martin Beacon (4) 14 – 10 Richard Sanville (10)
Sue Wileman (16) 5 – 14 Arthur Rowe (10)
Martin Beacon 5 – 9 Derek Buxton
Michael Finnigan 4 – 14 Arthur Rowe
Sue Wileman 4 – 11 Richard Sanville
David Woodhouse 14 – 6 Geoff Ellott

Saturday 30th August: Woodhall Spa 5 - 2 Ashby


In the other match, Nottingham beat Woodhall Spa by 4 games to 3.  This means that all three teams finished on one win and one loss.  Woodhall Spa win the league with a games difference of +2, followed by Nottingham on 0 and Ashby on -2.



Saturday 7th July: Northampton 1 - 6 Ashby (Derek, Arthur, Richard, Rachel)  Full results here

Saturday 28th July:
Ashby (Derek, Mick, Geoff, Marilyn) 4 – 3 Woodhall Spa   It’s good to see Marilyn back in action after her recent injury.

Saturday 22nd September: Ashby (Richard, Arthur, Rachel, Marilyn) 3 - 4 Nottingham  Full results here  This match turned out to be the decider of this season’s league, as Nottingham had also previously won in their fixtures against Northampton and Woodhall Spa by exactly the same scores as us.  In the first round, Richard and Marilyn just scraped through in a tight doubles match which could have gone either way.  Rachel had an easy win against Roger who had not yet mastered the fast conditions of Lawn 1.  A wrong ball played by Arthur resulted in a narrow defeat to Derek Blow in a game that Arthur should have won.  Half-time score: Ashby leading 2-1.  In Round 2, Nottingham had adapted to the lawn conditions a lot better now; the Rowes suffered a double Blow (sorry about the pun) as Rachel also lost to Derek, and there were also Nottingham wins for Roger against Richard, and Sue against Marilyn.  Arthur redeemed himself with a victory against Amanda.  Congratulations to Nottingham who win the East Midlands 14-point trophy in their first season back in the league after an absence of a few years.




Saturday 14th October: The last match in the East Midlands 14 point league was Woodhall Spa 2 - 5 Ashby.

Geoff Ellott became ill the evening before the match and Rachel willingly stepped in to fill the breach.

Ashby won all 3 first round games, Mick beat Nigel Harding +6, Arthur beat David Eckford +5 and Rachel and Derek beat Bob Thompson and John Norman +9.

Second round game results: Derek lost to David (+7), Mick (+8) beat Bob, Arthur (+4) beat Nigel and Rachel lost to John (+6).

The 5-2 victory kept Ashby unbeaten in the league thus giving us the title. All team members including Marilyn, Geoff and Richard are to be congratulated.

Sunday 3rd September: Leicester 1 – 6 Ashby  Full details here

Saturday 24th June: Ashby (Derek, Richard, Geoff and Marilyn) 6 – 1 Northampton




Thursday 16th June:  Northampton 2 - 5 Ashby

Saturday 4th June:  Southwell 4 – 3 Ashby   In spite of the ever present black clouds overhead, rain just about stayed off at Southwell on Saturday. Ashby nudged ahead by winning two out of the three first round matches but unfortunately lost three out of four in the second round and so went down 3 - 4 in the match.   Congratulations to Southwell for a good result in their re-introduction to this competition. Well done to Marilyn for winning both of her matches and many thanks to Eileen for bringing forward her Association "debut" to enable us to field a team for the match.   Jeremy  


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