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Perry Bowl (Ladies' Tournament)
Annual one-day Club/Federation tournament for ladies, 13-point Golf Croquet handicap singles.

Previous winners:
2004  Marilyn Murray
2005  Christine Mounfield
2006  Rachel Rowe
2007  Eileen Buxton
2008  Rachel Rowe

2009-14  Competition not held
2015  Pauline Donner (Woodhall Spa)

2016 Julie Boulton


2016 REPORT Played on Saturday 6th August.


Julie Boulton won the Perry Bowl Ladies handicap Golf Croquet tournament, giving her a second trophy in the space of the week, having been half of the Clive Pearson Doubles winning pair the previous Saturday.


Eileen reports that the weather was oppressively hot and four ladies played all-play-all twice.  Julie and Eileen won four games each, with Julie just beating Eileen by one hoop.  Lynda and Jenny were worthy runners-up.


2015 REPORT Played on Saturday 29th August.  Report by Eileen


The Ashby and FEMCC Ladies Golf Croquet handicap tournament was played on Saturday, August 29th.

Seven ladies from East Midlands Ccubs played for The Perry Bowl.

The format was all play all. Everyone won at least one game.

Pauline Donner from Woodhall Spa C.C.won the trophy and reduced her handicap to 4. Well done, Pauline!

Lynda Allen, from Ashby C.C. came second.


 2008 REPORT

Played on Saturday 21st June. 
After days of good weather, Ladies’ Day was grey and drizzly. Ten ladies from Ashby and Leicester Croquet Clubs braved the weather to compete for The Perry Bowl.



The winner was Rachel Rowe with 5 straight wins.

Eileen Buxton was runner-up with 4 wins +18

3rd Sue Ryan from Leicester CC With 4 wins +9

4th Lindsey Thomas 3wins, 1 draw

5th Cynthia Bacon 2wins, 2 draws

6th Judith Rowe 2 wins

7th Marilyn Murray 1 win, 2 draws

8th Josie Tolton (LCC) 1 win

9th Cynthia Steele 1 draw

10th Sandra Sewell (LCC)


All of the games were well-fought and everyone appeared to enjoy the event.  Thanks to Marilyn who helped to set out the three lawns and took in all of the hoops at the end of play. She also provided the drinks throughout the afternoon.  Afternoon tea was enjoyed by the competitors and the timekeeper.  Of course only the finest china crockery was used befitting the event!  Rachel was presented with The Perry Bowl by Eileen, last year’s winner. Our visiting timekeeper John Sewell was also the “official photographer".




The Ladies Day Competition was played on Sunday 17th June in an oasis of fine weather.  Disappointingly only five ladies had entered the competition: three from Ashby and two from Market Bosworth. However we had a very enjoyable afternoon. Afternoon tea was taken after the first two games, when we were joined by Arthur, Barrie and Dave. The final two games were contested fiercely as any one of three players could win.  Eileen was victorious with Rachel a close second and Judith an admirable third.


It was nice to have two visiting players who said that they had enjoyed the whole experience as they usually only play at their own club.


Rachel, last years winner, presented "The Perry Bowl" to Eileen.



Eileen ( 3) won 4

Rachel (0) won 3

Judith (5)  won 2

Ann (6)     won 1

Shirley (6) won 0



Played on Saturday 17th June.


The Ladies’ Day Golf Handicap fielded 8 players. It was lovely to see Jayne Penn-Davis and Sue Nickson, also to welcome Ayako King and Judith Rowe. Chris Mounfield, Marilyn Murray, Rachel Rowe, and Eileen Buxton were the other member-players. We played 5 rounds of 13 points, 25-minute games. Rachel was the overall winner with 5 wins with Eileen in second place with 4 wins and Jayne third on 3 wins. We had an enjoyable afternoon of play in glorious weather.


Our thanks go to Tim King for setting the hoops, Geoffrey Ellott for time keeping, and Ray Mounfield for white-lining. Dave Davies, Barrie March and Sheila Shepherd, (a new member) visited during the afternoon. It was nice to see them. Eileen managed the competition.


The King children played happily, Aidan especially enjoying the bucket of water!  (Report by Eileen)


Order of Play and Scores                               

Round 1                                                                               

Ayako King 4 Judith Rowe 7

Chris Mounfield 4 Eileen Buxton 6

Marilyn Murray 1 Rachel Rowe 4

Jayne Penn-Davis 4 Sue Nickson 0

Round 2

Rachel 7 Sue 0

Ayako 1 Jayne 7

Judith 2 Chris 5

Eileen 4 Marilyn 4

Round 3

Ayako 1 Chris 7

Rachel 4 Jayne 2

Marilyn 4 Sue 2

Judith 0 Eileen 7

Round 4

Marilyn 3 Jayne 3

Judith 4 Sue 4                      

Eileen 6 Ayako 3

Chris 3 Rachel 5

Round 5

Eileen 7 Sue 2

Ayako 4 Rachel 7

Chris 0 Marilyn 3

Judith 2 Jayne 5


Chris 0; Eileen, Marilyn & Jayne 4; Rachel 5; Ayako, Sue & Judith 6



Seven Lady Members played in an all-play-all golf croquet handicap competition on Saturday, June 18th. The weather was glorious. During the afternoon we had a lovely tea and then continued playing croquet. The Perry Bowl was won by Chris Mounfield, she is playing very well and winning games and competitions alike. She is now a scratch player! Chris won 4 (+25/-10) Eileen won 4 (+22/-15) Jayne won 3 (+24/ -18) Marilyn won 3 (+19/-9) Joan won 2 (+18/-19) Joyce won 1 (+7/-30) Sue (+12/ -28) Chris won on hoop difference. All the games were 20 minutes duration/ 13 point. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. It was lovely to welcome some new members to Club Competition. (Report by Eileen)

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