Live Nonviolence

Mindfulness and Movement Qigong

Since 2008 Rik has been developing classes which enable the exploration of the interplay of mind and body from an experiential perspective. Natural movements, many of which are derived from Classical Yang Style Tai Chi, use the co-ordination of mental awareness and physical movement to reveal the body's influence upon the mind. The classes are a practical and down to earth exploration of how emotional energy is held in the body. The movements are designed to familiarise ourselves with this energy by moving it in systematic yet playful ways. The idea being to give people an experiential understanding of their emotional landscape; just what the body does when it is in various emotional states, and how changes in the body feedback to the mind. By simply witnessing this energy, and neither expressing or suppressing/repressing it, allows it to follow its natural path to equilibrium and disperse.

The classes draw upon the principles of mindfulness meditation and also hold much of what is known as body NVC from a very physical perspective. They lead to improvements in both emotional and physical balance and harmony and a sense of empowerment - you feel great for doing it!


Many of the exercises are based on Classical Yang Tai Chi, and so the postures are natural and strong and can be potentially developed to have martial application. Qigong is a more general term for energy manipulation in the body and does not necessarily have a martial emphasis.

Rik has been a practitioner of Yang Style Tai Chi info since 1991, and a practitioner of Vipassana Meditation info since 1990, and has been studying the somatic healing techniques associated with nonviolent communication since 2011.

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