Live Nonviolence

RIK MIDGLEY, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), North Wales

Rik Midgley is an independent trainer of nonviolent communcication (NVC) living near Bangor, North Wales. My journey in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) began 2011 and I am registered with CNVC as a certification candidate. My passion is in the liberating power of connecting to our physical bodily sensations, whether through focus of attention as we communicate, or through listening to our inner worlds as we move. The power to choose the natural path of non-reaction, to stay present with whatever our bodies are asking us to live, engenders integrity, peace of mind, and a confidence that I believe to be the empowering heart of social change.

My first workshop in nonviolent communication (NVC) was a revelation. I realised that I had been living in the mind, in a world of judgments, ideas and concepts, and there was an alternative. The communication skills of NVC have supported me to connect tangibly to what is alive inside, to speak from a place of integrity, in line with my deeper desires. It has empowered me to talk with confidence and clarity in a way that connects with others, and also to hear others with greater empathy and understanding, especially in times of conflict or emotional distance. Relations with people, both at home and at work, have become deeper and more meaningful. On occasions when there may have previously been confusion and resentment, I find myself standing my ground and with a calmer, open heart, expressing what I truely want. In my journey I have work with many trainers worldwide including Robert Gonzales, Domonic Barter, Simran Wester, Katherine Han Singer, Liv Larsson, Caroline Ader-Lamy and Kirsten Kristensen.

Although NVC's simple communication techniques are not hard to learn, their mastery is a spiritual practice, a lifetime's work in pursuit of a deep sense of harmony. This journey for me is full of excitement and meaning, and has brought joy and safety to my life. Continually NVC supports me to connect with a deeper sense of myself and my values, enabling me to live more in tune with myself and more in harmony with others.

I feel compelled to continue learning and sharing NVC as I believe it to have the potential to transform today's society, bringing peace and understanding into all aspects of community. Conflicts become opportunities for understanding, and solutions are developed that are based on mutual respect and consent. I am filled with hope that people will break down the barriers which prevent them from connecting to the love in their own hearts, so enabling them to step into the future, compassionately considering the needs of others.

I have been practicing Vipassana Meditation since 1990 (in the tradition of S N Goenka), having spent over a year on intensive meditation retreats, and have traveled across Asia exploring the variety of Buddhist teachings. From 2007, I have applied this learning to my Tai Chi classes; Awareness and Movement, which offer a practical way to investigate how 'energy' is held in the body. The experience of self-acceptance and balance I touch in my daily meditation sitting inspires depth into my understanding of non-violence. I have spent a decade following a career in environmental science, and hold a Ph.D. in Dynamical Oceanography. For the last decade I've worked as a ceramic artist living in Snowdonia, also in teaching, with the homeless and with victims of crime.

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