Jon Beer's latest book is published by Riverside Stuff on 2 April

About the title...

"It’s pronounced buzz-ON-sun-ay, but it’s easier to call him by his first name – which is Philip. We met twenty years ago when I went to buy my small daughter a pair of dungarees. We’ve fished and played snooker on and off ever since. But I fish with lots of other folk - which is why this book is Not All Beer and Bezencenet."

About the cover ...

"The photographs in the book show the waters where these stories took place. The portraits on the covers show a few of the characters involved. There are clues to match the folk to the faces."

(this is the back cover. There's a key to the characters at the end of the book)

- Not All Beer and Bezencenet - published in hardback - 260 pages, including 8 pages of colour photographs £20 + £3p&p

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