Jon's latest book, "Not All Beer and Bezencenet" is published on 2 April. You'll find it in New Stuff.

Jon has written two earlier books of fishing adventures, mostly in pursuit of wild trout in the wilder bits of  Britain and Europe. 

Gone Fishing 

The Trout and I 

are the other sort of book. They are accounts of real fishing for real fish, some of them really quite small, in real places, mostly in Britain and Europe. There are full details of every place in case you fancy doing the same yourself.


If you donít know Jonís writing you can read a chapter here.

"There are two sorts of book about trout fishing. One sort has titles like:

"How to Catch Lots of Very Big Trout" 

This is not that sort of book. But in case you didnít realise that when you bought it I will tell you How To Catch Lots of Very Big Trout anyway. It is very simple. You have to go to waters that have lots of very big trout and you fish there. It is really the only way to do it.Ē -  

(from the introduction to Gone Fishing.)



The Trout and I, signed by the author, is available at £16.99 (plus £3 p&p within the UK). You can order one here.

The first edition of Gone Fishing sold out in six weeks. We can occasionally find second-hand copies. A paperback edition is contemplated. Let me know if you are interested in a future edition. And there is another way…

Listens with trout
An audio CD featuring some of the stories from Gone Fishing, read by Jon, is in production. Contact me if you'd like to be told when it's ready.