WELCOME to Jon Beer’s Riverside Stuff. Most people who wash up here will be interested in fishing. So am I - but I do (and write about) lots of other things as well. 

I've lived in a cottage in the village of Cropredy for quarter of a century. The River Cherwell flows past (and on one occasion, through) the cottage. Which explains the name of this site.

I write and broadcast on all aspects of life in the country,  from brewing to bell-ringing, in all sorts of publications and places. I've published several books on fishing for trout of the wilder sort in the wilder sort of waters. I have a workshop beside the river where I make wooden punts and a unique landing net for the footloose fisherman.

Alice, aged 4, with her salmon



A thorough searce of this site will turn up several stories, a photo archive and a lot of other strange stuff.