The Riverside Stuff net is the answer. It weighs less than 150gms. It collapses to less than 14cm x 14cm, small enough to slip into a pocket, away from grasping thorns and brambles. It flips open to measure 46cm x 36cm. And it does this instantly, first time, every time. There are no moving joints. It cannot jam.

Each frame is hand-made from aluminium and stainless steel by me in my workshop by the river. The knotless net is easy to replace if worn or torn.

Collapsing the net is dead simple but it takes some believing. These instructions and photos should help.

Funny thing about landing nets for river trout: most of the time you don’t need one, they get in the way, you’d be better off without one. And often you are without them because they are easy to lose. But when you do need one, you need it very badly – you would sell your grandmother for a landing net at that moment.

This one has been in constant use for fifteen years. It has landed wild brown trout to 10 pounds. It’s still as good as new.

Let me know if you would like me to build you a Riverside Stuff net. They are not cheap - £60 - but they are simply the best nets for the travelling fisherman and will last forever – because you will never lose one in a bush.