I write for several publications including Country Living, Country Walking, Food and Travel and the Daily Telegraph. You can taste something with no fish in it here.




I have written comedy scripts for BBC radio and for three years appeared weekly on Radio 5-Live’s “Fishing with Nick Hancock”. I also helped Nick introduce half-a-dozen newcomers to the joys of fly-fishing for wild trout in the Scottish Highlands around Scourie. "Nick Hancock's Fishing School" can sometimes be seen on various TV channels.




One of my books was to be illustrated with these cartoons spoofing Bernard Venables’ beloved “Fishing with Mr Crabtree”. When Bernard died it was decided to change the illustrations.

They are now available as a series of greetings cards and prints.


From time to time I speak at dos and dinners. Contact me if you think yours could do with a little fish and Beer.


I have spent much of my time singing the praises of fishing for wild trout in wild places. I urge everyone to join the Wild Trout Trust who perform miracles in river and habitat restoration to the benefit of all inhabitants – including fishermen.