I built my first punt in the 1980s to harvest and transport willow logs for my wood-burning stove. I still do. Since then I have built many more of different designs. They are much lighter than the traditional Oxford or Cambridge punts and can be pulled out of the water single-handed. They are usually constructed of 9mm marine plywood. Both sides and bottom are curved to give immense strength and graceful lines.
These punts can be poled or rowed: they can even be sailed. For the laziest days I use a silent electric motor to glide along the river. Each punt comes with a thorough morning’s tuition on the gentle art of poling a punt.

Punts can go anywhere, in the narrowest stream, on the shallowest water. Their shape makes them the safest and most stable of all boats.

My punts have been featured in “Country Living” magazine and in The Times newspaper. Tom Fort, author and traveller, chose one of my punts for a single-handed voyage along the length of the River Trent for his  book on the river. 

Each punt is individually designed and can be delivered complete or for home finishing. There is a camping version for total punting.

Each craft is different but a basic 16-foot punt costs about £1100. Contact me if you would like to see and play on one – or if you’d just like to learn to pole a punt - that's very cheap.