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Welcome to the answers you have been looking for....

Hello, I created this page after graduating from university in 2001. I hope the documents you find here will be of some help to those people doing the HNC or HND Electronic and Electrical Engineering course.

This page was created to hopefully help you and to avoid writing assignments at 2 in the morning then getting up at 6 to complete them - and no, I wasn't tossing it off, or the only one to do it!

The reports are listed below and cover the subject areas of:

The rest of the subjects aren't a walk in the park but you should be able to cope with on your own. Enjoy! (I certainly didn't).

17/5/03 - I've now added my final year project to the line up - The line following robot which I really enjoyed building and was a great success.

27/6/03 - I've added another page to the site with my robot project videos and photos on so you can now see the finished project in action.

12/01/05 - Wow! Haven't updated it in so long. Made the hyperlinks a bit easier to find.

10/05/06 - Found that the forum link didn't work properly, should be ok now.

03/05/07 - The Grid mass computing experiment has come to an end so the link has been removed.

I'd just like to give a 'big up' to the electronics department tutors and crew at the Huddersfield Technical College massive; its a great place to study! Much respec' dudes. '-)

If you are experiencing any problems viewing any of the files try upgrading to the latest version of Acrobat reader (8).

Power Electronics Assignment 1 - Rectification experiment (387Kb)

Deals with controlled and uncontrolled half wave and bridge rectifiers.

Power Electronics Assignment 2 - Motor Control experiment (541Kb)

Compares variable frequency inverter drives with full wave, half controlled rectifier drive.

Power Supply & Utilization Assignment 1 - Power Supply & Power Factor experiment (273Kb)

Deals with power flow in a power supply system (Power factor, inductive / capacitive loads & voltage regulation).

Power Supply & Utilization Assignment 2 - Best Method Of Power Supply experiment (250Kb)

Compares the differences between two and three phase supply systems.

Power Supply & Utilization Assignment 3 - IDMT relays experiment (306Kb)

Deals with the characteristics and settings of IDMT relays and overcurrent protection.

Industrial Electronics - Zener Diode Regulator experiment (242Kb)

Deals with the performance and operation of zener diode voltage regulator circuits.

Line tracking robot project (751Kb)

A year long project to design a line tracking robot.

Line tracking robot circuit diagram (125Kb)

▲Circuit diagram for the line sensing robot project.

Go to Robot video page to see project in action.

For robot project forum click below, any questions I'll try to answer asap:

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 Firefox 2

Firefox: I always used IE until the other day when I downloaded Firefox - Wow! What a difference it makes no longer do web pages take ages to load.

Give it a go - you can run with both browsers on your system until you are satisfied (I still have IE on because a couple of pages don't seem to work quite right when viewed with Firefox). Give it a couple of days to settle down and download all the plugins (Shockwave, Quicktime etc) and then enjoy surfing the web again. Its great! Download it. NOW!


I've now been running Firefox for about 24 months and now rarely use IE except for some pages that refuse to load. I've got to say the best feature is tabbed browsing! Below is a list of extensions (TOOLS - EXTENSIONS - GET MORE EXTENSIONS) that can be downloaded from the Firefox website that I have found really useful:

(You may find this page a little 'strange' but I have been reading the book "How to Build Really Annoying Websites" by Michael Miller ISBN 0-7645-4874-3)