NameDate of DeathCollieryCause
BAILEY Gordon R. 42yrs25th April 1958 (ID.)StaffordBuried in roof fall
BAILEY Joseph 54yrs2nd February 1953Dale GreenExplosion in Private mine
BAILEY William 44yrs13th January 1951SilverdaleFall of dirt from roof
BAINES Thomas A. 31yrs2nd August 1957 I.D.Chatterley WhitfieldCrushed by a tub
BAIO Giuseppe 30yrs9th February 1959Chatterley WhitfieldFall of dirt
BALL Barry M. 44yrs23rd September 1981Silverdalecrushed by dinting machine
BALLANTYNE James C. 42yrs13th June 1963GlebeUnderground Explosion
BARAN Franciszek 31yrs21st August 1958Hanley DeepCrushed by fall of dirt
BARCZAK Boleslaw 26yrs10th May 1951SneydRoof fall
BARNES Ernest 38yrs5th June 1959FoxfieldCrushed by tub
BARROW John H. 46yrs19th February 1960WolstantonFall of coal
BELLIS W. 36yrs20th April 1949(I.D.)Hanley DeepFall of roof
BERETON A. 47yrs25th January 1989FlorenceCrushed by wagons
BERZNIEKS Karlis 40yrs20th December 1966Chatterley WhitfieldCause unknown
BIDDULPH James 45yrs25th June 1964NortonFractured Skull
BIRCHALL Eric 34yrs2nd March 1960Chatterley WhitfieldRoof fall
BIRKS John T. 39yrs28th August 1948ParkhallFall of roof
BLOOR James 19yrs6th November 1952NortonBuried in roof fall
BLOOR Joseph 57yrs9th December 1969SilverdaleCause unknown
BLUNDRED Thomas 57yrs11th February 1960FlorenceCrushed by Wagons
BOGDANOVIS Valdenars 34yrs6th January 1956StaffordFall of dirt
BOOTE Arnold 57yrs22nd February 1963Chatterley WhitfieldCrushed by tub
BOTT H. 46yrs22nd June 1949BerryhillBuried in roof fall
BRANDALL Frederick 37yrs4th September 1951WolstantonCrushed by tubs
BRIAN John 44yrs25th July 1980FlorenceRock fall
BRICK James 61yrs14th June 1948WolstantonRoof fall
BRIDGEWOOD William 46yrs18th January 1967SilverdaleStruck by runaway tub
BROCKLEY William J.56yrs16th April 1955HolditchStruck by steel rope
BROMLEY William J. 28yrs26th September 1950Berry HillStruck by air pipe
BROUGH George 20yrs23rd October 1947Chatterley WhitfieldCrushed between 2 tubs
BROWN H. 51yrs11th October 1983Podmore Hall LeycettKilled on coalface
BROWNING A.F. 44yrs5th October 1962Apedale(Watermills)Riding tram derailed
BURGESS Harry 50yrs10th November 1958MossfieldTrapped by tipper and wall
BURGESS Lawrence 44yrs22nd September 1948SneydCrushed by roof fall
BURTON J. 51yrs26th March 1964FoxfieldRoof Fall
BUXTON Lawrence 22yrs19th August 1952FlorenceRoof Fall
BYATT John 58yrs27th February 1950MossfieldDirt tip chain broke
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