NameDate of DeathCollieryCause
CAFFREY James C. 21yrs12th November1952MossfieldHeavy Roof fall
CARR James 44yrs26th August 1947FlorenceBuried in fall Moss face
CLENNELL Ron 47yrs13th March 1963Hem HeathStepped from moving cage
CLEWLOW Ernest 42yrs4th October 1949SneydManriding accident
COE William Arthur 28yrs13th January 1954 I.DMossfieldFall of Coal
COMBER Victor E. 42yrs8th December 1964Hem HeathFall of roof
COOKE Harry 30yrs9th December 1948Chatterley WhitfieldUnderground fire Heskith pit
COOPER Frank 32yrs11th April 1951VictoriaCause Unknown
CORDON George W. 56 yrs25th January 1955BerryhillCrushed by dirt tubs
COTTON Denny 28 yrs2nd July 1957 I.D.ParkhallStruck by a runaway tub
COTTON Micheal 23yrs10th April 1978Hem HeathFall of coal at face
COXFORD John 35yrs13th November 1969Hem HeathFall of rock at face
CUMBERBATCH Joseph 54yrs17th July 1964Chatterley WhitfieldCause unknown
CZERWINSKI Franciszk u/k19th October 1955StaffordFall of rock
I.D.= Inquest Date
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