NameDate of DeathCollieryCause
EARDLEY John 62yrs19th August 1960NortonCrushed by tub
EARDLEY Joseph 44yrs26th May 1964Sneydburied by roof fall
EAVES Ralph K. 30yrs1st April 1957 (I.D.)SneydRoof Fall
ECTOR John Thomas 44yrs21st December 1951(I.D.)Wolstanton Fatally injured by Cutter
EDMUNDS Phillip 38yrs1st October 1954WolstantonShotfiring accident
EDWARDS Bill "Tilley" 33yrs7th October 1950SilverdaleFall of dirt
EDWARDS C. 74yrs22nd August 1949(I.D.)Hanley DeepCrushed by trolley
ELLIOT Philip 34yrs7th January 1989Silverdalecrushed by dumper truck u/ground
ELLIS Ralph 38yrs20th February 1947WolstantonRan over by a digger
I.D.= Inquest Date
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