NameDate of DeathCollieryCause
HALL J.W. 51yrs9th January 1978WolstantonBrain LacerationsAccident
HAMMERSLEY William 48yrs4th June 1962SneydMultiple Injuries Accident
HANCOCK Dennis 20yrs2nd February 1953Dale GreenExplosion in Private Mine
HARLEY Robert 31yrs4th September 1995SilverdaleCause unknown
HARRISONAlbert 39yrs16th February 1956MadeleyFall of roof
HARRISON John 55yrs17th September 1952SilverdaleFall of roof
HARRISON William 53yrs16th March 1961VictoriaDied in NSRI. 18th March
HARVEY Charles John 60yrs2nd April 1953 (ID)BerryhillHead injury
HEATH Arthur 48yrs12th March 1947NortonBuried in fall
HEATH George 31yrs22nd April 1952Chatterley WhitfieldCrushed by tubs Hesketh Pit
HEMMINGS Herbert 65yrs6th April 1954ParkhouseHaulage accident
HERROD Joseph 56yrs2nd April 1958FlorenceBuried by fall
HICKMAN Frederick 40yrs15th December 1966ParkhouseFall of roof
HOLMES George 51yrs10th September 1947StaffordFall of dirt
HOPE William 37yrs6th January 1959VictoriaTrapped in coal cutter
HOPKINS Spencer C. 43yrs22nd March 1960WolstantonCause unknown
HOWARD A. 48yrs24th May 1967ApedaleRoof fall
HOWARD Frank 49yrs26th February 1962ParkhouseRoof fall 25th Feb died NSRI
HUGHES S. 45yrs28th February 1949(I.D.)SneydRoof fall
HUGHES Sammuel R. 38yrs9th December 1948Chatterley WhitfieldUnderground fire Heskith pit
HUMPHRIES Albert 45yrs16th December 1952Berry HillFell down shaft
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