NameDate of DeathCollieryCause
MACE Peter 39yrs30th March 1966FlorenceRoof fall
MACHIN Harold 45yrs31st December 1963WolstantonStruck on Head by cage
MAGEE Charles 32yrs20th March 1961Hem HeathFall of roof
MANSELL William 47yrs2nd February 1953Dale GreenExplosion in Private Mine
MARTIN J.T. 57yrs3rd June 1949(I.D.)WolstantonFall of roof
MASON Jack. 61yrs11th March 1980FlorenceStruck by empty mine car
MATIYEIO Prokop 26yrs8th July 1948MadeleyFall of coal
MAUGHTY James E. 23yrs12th November1952MossfieldHeavy Roof fall
MAY Robert 30yrs19th October 1967FlorenceStruck by falling stone
McGLEISH John 34yrs13th June 1963GlebeUnderground Explosion
McGOVERN Edward J. 43yrs11th June 1959SilverdaleFall of roof
McGUCKIN J. 48yrs14th February 1957VictoriaCrushed by coal cutter
McGUINNES Arthur V. 22yrs28th September 1973FlorenceHit head on pipe
McNANCY J. 53yrs7th October 1969Hem HeathCrushed by coal cutter
McSPORRON James W. 48yrs16th July 1958FlorenceFall of roof
MEAKIN Thomas W. L. 45yrs2nd Feburuary 1953Dale GreenExplosion in Private mine
MELLOR Graham 19yrs23rd September 1960ParkhallRoof Fall
MELVILLECharles 60yrs28th December 1959ParkhallElectrocution
MITCHELLCharles 61yrs14th December 1961SneydFound between mine cars
MORRIS Robert 29yrs24th May 1974SilverdaleFall of coal
MOUNTFORD Jessie 30yrs14th November 1952VictoriaBy Roof fall
MOUNTFORD J. u/kyrs27th November 1962ChatterleyHaulage Accident
MULVEY Paddy 36yrs12th November 1952SilverdaleCrushed by a truck
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