NameDate of DeathCollieryCause
SAKERS Alfred 34yrs6th February 1950SneydCause unknown
SCICHILONE Salvatore 21yrs26th June 1954Chatterley Whitfieldburied by fall
SHEARER Percy 62yrs9th December 1948Chatterley WhitfieldUnderground fire Heskith pit
SHELDON William 39yrs9th October 1963NortonKilled by roof fall
SHEMILT Arthur 58yrs14th April 1953FlorenceCollapsed underground
SHENTON Leslie 20yrs9th May 1960FlorenceBuried at face
SHERRATT William James 49yrs30th June 1955Berry hillRoof fall
SHUFFLEBOTHAM Fred 7th September 1961VictoriaDied in NSRI. 9th Sept
SIVOLI Antonio 40yrs15th October 1959FlorenceKilled by Explosion
SMITH Peter 25yrs2nd March 1989Hem HeathCrushed to death
SOSNA Karol 40yrs5th November 1957Chatterley WhitfieldBuried by fall
SPEAK John 52yrs4th July 1951VictoriaBy Roof fall
SPENDILOW Roy 23yrs27th January 1955FlorenceRoof fall
STANIER Enoch 57yrs16th September 1966VictoriaFall of roof
STANWAY Aaron u/kn20th September 1949VictoriaBuried by fall
STANWAY William 22yrs31st December 1948VictoriaFall of Roof at Face
STATHAM Donald 16yrs8th April 1953ApedaleTrapped under conveyor
STATHAM John E. 26yrs8th January 1968Chatterley WhitfieldCause unknown
STEELE John T. 22yrs23rd September 1960ParkhallRoof Fall
STOKLOSA Wladyslaw 43yrs12th March 1957NortonBuried in roof fall
STRINGER Harold A. 48yrs14th February 1961WolstantonCause unknown
SUMMERILL W.G. ?yrs28th February 1981Not KnownFell off Manriding belt
SUTTON Jessie 58yrs7th July 1951(S.D.)WolstantonShot firing accident
SYMCOX Frank G. 31yrs28th March 1952(I.D.)MossfieldBlow from Prop
SYMES Charles Henry 37yrs24th March 1957MossfieldCrushed by cutter
S.D.= Sentinel Date
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