NameDate of DeathCollieryCause
WADE Mr. 36yrs11th July 1967(I.D)Hem HeathStruck by Girder
WAINWRIGHT Thomas 54yrs29th February 1952(I.D)HolditchRoof fall
WALLIS Fred 31yrs24th January 1958WatermillsHaulage accident
WALTERS James R. 39yrs26th January 1967HolditchFall of roof
WARD William 58yrs14th December 1964SilverdaleKilled by dislodged roof girder
WATSON S. 28yrs23rd April 1988Hem HeathKilled by pick
WESTON L. 44yrs22nd March 1982Hem HeathFell 3000 feet down shaft
WHISTON E. 48yrs18th April 1967VictoriaAccident
WHITE T. 47yrs27th November 1968Hem HeathCrushed by tubs
WHITEHURST Joseph H. 26yrs22nd April 1952Chatterley WhitfieldCrushed by tubs
WILBY C. 49yrsFebruary 1980(died 2 Mths later)Hem HeathFalling Rocks
WILDE Frank 48yrs7th December 1978Chatterley WhitfieldCause unknown
WILKINSON T. W. 37yrs30th November 1967Chatterley WhitfieldCause unknown
WILLMORE Benjamin 50 yrs4th October 1953Hem HeathRoof Fall No 2 Shaft
WILSHAW Clement H. 48 yrs2nd December 1953(ID)VictoriaStruck by runaway tub
WILSHAW Wilmot 27 yrs19th November 1952ApedaleShotfiring Accident
WILSON Cyril 44yrs20th March 1953Sneyd Roof Fall
WILSON Owen Victor 48yrs30th May 1948Stafford Roof Fall
WISNIAKOWSKI Syczepan 34yrs8th April 1949StaffordCrushed by tub
WITZLING Zygmunt 26yrs18th December 1951(I.D)Berry HillRoof fall
WOOD Colin 24yrs5th May 1947FlorenceBuried by fall (Moss 8)
WOOD George 57yrs22nd December 1962StaffordFell from Pithead ramp
WORDSWORTH Arthur W. 53yrs21st December 1956(I.D.)FoxfieldRoof fall
I.D=Inquest Date
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