Mossfield Poem

Poem on Mossfield Colliery Disaster 16th Oct 1889
Composed by R. Dean 63 Queen St. Fenton
Sold at one penny each.
The proceeds to be devoted to the Widows and Orphans Fund

It was on the 15th of October, I'm about to coment.
As the colliers to Mossfield colliery went.
The husband left wife with his heart full of glee.
Little thinking no more his beloved would see.

The father left child with a kiss on its lips.
Not aware he'd be dead when brought from the pits.
The father and son as they walk on their way.
Discuss the things that have happened by day.
They go to their work, to earn the bread.
With which the wife and children are fed.
They go heedless to labour, as all of us know.
Not thinking their doom awaits them below.

'Twas about nine o clock, they commenced to go down.
To accomplish their task of work underground.
Never dreaming that they would never more breath the air.
Nor gaze on the beauties of nature so fair.
They went down to their work expecting when done.
To return safely up and go to their home.
But alas! 'twas not so, they no more would come

Came across this during research. John Lumsdon