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All National Grid references shown thus G.R.999666

AUDLEY (Boyles Hall) 1869 Rigby & Co. (See Audley section. )

AUDLEY See Diglake Boyles Hall.

APEDALE See Apedale section.

APEDALE. NCB Footrail. First in the area to use the longwall retreating system. Held the NCB productivity per man shift national record. Closed by the NCB 1969. Last deliveries Apedale 2” u/t 18/19 Nov 1969.

Planning permission granted by Staffordshire County Council in 1971 to re-open as a private mine. The pillars and the ribs left by the NCB were worked, known as Parklands Colliery Apedale.

APEDALE HALL Footrail, Hall Lane, Alsagers Bank.

1949 No’s 2,3 & 4.

Apedale Hall Colliery Co Ltd, 38 Warwick Street Chesterton, Stoke-on-Trent.

Apedale Hall No 2, coal, Top Two Row, Agent J F Nixon, 2u/g 1a/g.

Apedale Hall No 3, coal, 7’ Banbury, Agent J F Nixon, 7u/g 3a/g.

Apedale Hall No 4, coal, Bottom Two Row, Agent J F Nixon.


Parish Kidsgrove. Line of shafts, spoil heaps, footrails, north towards Ravenscliff. Ashwood Colliery was worked by the Williamson Brothers of Goldendale Ironworks, the colliery closed circa 1924.

Peacock Stone 1885-1898

Bassey Mine 1885-1898

Cannel Row 1895-1900

Great Row 1894-1902

The Cat. Ab. Mine Plans 1929.

Ashwood 6375 Kidsgrove Coal & Ironstone Halfyards ab. 24.01.1915

Ashwood 7499 Kidsgrove Coal Two Row ab. 31.03.1921.

Ashwood 7939 Kidsgrove Coal & Ironstone Bassey Mine ab. 09.05.1924.

11N.E.1925. C 7,8. D 8.

The Colliery headsticks were still standing in 1928.

Mr Stone of Messrs Blood & Stone worked a drift in this area 1926 – 1940 to obtain the marl from the clod coal roof which they supplied to Twyfords. They broke through a fault and crutted north to find the marl.

They broke into old workings in the Bassey Mine, Mr Stone said the conditions were perfect, it would have taken two days to reopen the workings. The rails in this pit were L shaped cast iron and the sleepers were also cast iron.

Mr Stone believed that it was a pit known as the “Flying Gin” which had closed about 1840 in the slump, it was left ready to reopen and had probably been abandoned after compensation from the NSR Company. (To protect the railway tunnel from the damage.)

ADDERLEY GREEN COLLIERY 446 922 app.G.R.921446

Thomas Pye b. circa 1775/6-1855 started work as a collier, but by 1851 was a partner in the business Messrs Stirrup & Pye, Chapel Street, Longton. Coal masters and merchants. Adderley Green Colliery (White’s Directory, 1851).

1851 Slater’s Directory. Adderley Green colliery, Longton. Stirrup and Pye. William Hulse manager.

On the death of Thomas Pye in 1855 his nephew Joseph Hulse 1818-1891, formerly a school teacher and later a bookmaker, became the owner of the Adderley Green Colliery.

1869 Stirrup & Co.

1890 Adderley Green 8&9 Messrs Stirrup & Pye, Stoke-on-Trent.

1896 Adderley Green No 8 Messrs Stirrup & Pye, Manager J R Haines, Under Manager J Hawkins, 56 u/g 8 a/g. Coal: Bowling Alley, Holly Lane, Hard Mine.

Adderley Green No 9 Messrs Stirrup & Pye, Manager J R Haines, Under Manager A S Heath 112 u/g 45 a/g.

Coal: Banbury, Cockshead.

Cat. Ab. Mines 1929.

Yard, 10 ft. abandoned prior to 14.07.1874.

New Mine or Stinkers abandoned Jan 1892.

No 8. Cockshead abandoned prior to March 1918.

No 9. Little Mine abandoned prior to March 1916.

18N.E.1925 D 2,3,4. E 2,3,4. F 2,3,4. G 2,3,4,5. H 3,4,5.

1931 Stirrup & Pye, General Manager Allan S Heath, Secretary G E L Greaves, Chief Engineer Henry Millward.

No 8 Manager W Mountford ) Above ground.

No 9 Manager S Spruce ) W Davies.

Seams worked: Cockshead, Holly Lane, New Moss, Hard Mine, Bullhurst, Banbury. 150,000 tons p.a.

Established over a century (pre 1831).

Cheadle 462 975 app. Closed 1927. Abovepark footrail reopened early 1980’s, low rank coal, poor quality.

Footrail working 1949.

O/C Working 1957.

Cat. Ab. Mines 1929 Parish Audley Coal: 8’ & 7’ Banbury, aband. 30.06.1898.

ALDERHAY LANE 560 859 app.G.R.859560

Cat. Ab. Mine Plans 1929

Parish Newchapel, coal Cockshead ab. 30.06.1898.

6S.E.1926 B 11,12.

1931 Alderhay Lane Colliery Co Ltd

Alderhay lane, Harriseahead, 5 men 3700 tons p/a.

ANCHOR COLLIERY Longton 438 914 app.G.R.914438

John Ashwell, b. Coddington, Nottinghamshire, circa 1799. By 1834, he was living at Greendock, Longton. In 1851, he was farming 70 acres at Great Fenton and worked a brick and tile yard in Anchor Road Longton. Shortly after this time he was working Anchor Colliery. He was not new to Colliery ownership, as in 1845 he had bought the Mossfield Collieries for £20,000 and leased them to Messers Hawley, Bridgwood and Goodwin.

Cat. Ab. Mine Plans 1929.

Coal: Yard, Moss, Birches, abandoned 20.01.1877. (See also SPEEDWELL Colliery, Anchor Road 441 912 app.)

1880 Anchor Colliery H. Ashwell.

ASH (LOWER) Lower Ash farm?
Cat. Ab. Mine Plans 1929.
Parish Audley Coal: Yard, ab. 20.07.1901.


Cat. Ab. Mine Plans 1929 Parish Stoke-on-Trent

Coal: Spencroft, ab. 1866.

Mine plans held by Engineers Office LMS, Crewe.

11NE 1925 C 11,12. D 11,12.

Probably bought by the NSR to prevent subsidence damage to the NSR tunnel. One of William Adam’s pits lost to the NSR.


East side of the A 34 at Talke ?
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