All National Grid references shown thus G.R.999666

HARECASTLE COLLIERIES. ( See Lawton and Harecastle collieries.)

( To the east of the A34 at Talke, near to the pig farm. )
Three abandoned shafts.

White;s Directory 1834.
Joseph Pedley at Hall Colliery, Biddulph.

HARRISON. (See Leycett. )

HAYESWOOD. (See Apedale and Podmore.)
1896Midland Coal Coke and Iron Co. Ltd.Manager Robert Hart, undermanager Edward Riley.
126 u/g, 105 a/g.
Coal, 7 Foot Banbury, Bullhurst.

Leycett / Hayeswood opencast of the;rearers; coals for the N.C.B. opencast executive. First local site to have open days. Coal to Ironbridge power station.

The High Carr from Four Lane Ends to Parkhouse colliery has been extensively worked, on both sides of the A34, mainly for the ironstones but also for the Great Row. The collieries include Mitchells Wood, Williamsons, Staniers Top pits, Little High Carr, New Hem Heath and numerous older pits.
In 1866 a High Carr colliery was worked by Gavin Addie, who also worked the Glasshouse colliery, continuing at the High Carr after the Glasshouse closed.
Keate;s Gazeteer and Directory of the Potteries and Newcastle 1875/6
(1) High Carr Coal and Ironstone Co. Ltd. Manager Thomas J. Ford. The High Carr Company. Manager Charles Lawton, resident Talke o; th; Hill.
William Taylor, colliery manager, High Carr, elected 1872.
J.H. Williamson, Coal and Ironstone Master, High Carr.
Kelly;s Directory of 1872.
J. H. Williamson, Ironstone works, High Carr.
High Carr Number 1 Representatives of the late J.H. Williamson, Goldenhill.
Manager H. Sumnal . 165 u/g, 40 a/g.
Ironstone, Half Yards, Red Shag, Red Mine.
High Carr Number 7.
Details as above.
18 u/g, 5 a/g.
Coal, Great Row, Cannel Row.
1905 Geological survey.
Mr. Sumnal the manager of the High Carr colliery. The Great Row is worked only at High Carr (Williamsons ), though formerly also at Glasshouse. The Red Shag Ironstone is at 260 yards.High Carr Number 7.
J. Bentley, Red Street, Newcastle.

Two shafts of 680 yards sunk before the 14 / 18 war. Known locally as the Brymbo.
Brymbo Steel Co Ltd. Registered in 1884. Receiver appointed in June 1931. Assets realised insufficient to meet the claims of the debenture holders, struck off the register 1936.
Holditch Mines Ltd. Became a subsidiary of Shelton iron and Steel Co Ltd. From 1931. ( Itself a subsidiary of John Summers.)
Cat Ab Mine Plans. 1929.
Coal and Ironstone, Blackband, Red Shag abandoned 31 August 1926.
1931 Holditch Mines Ltd., Chesterton, Staffs.
J.S. Hollings Brymbo Wrexham.
J. Cocks Silverdale S-on-T.
D. Robertson Pendine Wrexham.
A.A. Batt Meir S-on-T.
Secretary J.E. Williams Wolstanton.
Manager A. Wright. 570 u/g, 210 a/g.
Seams worked, Great Row, Red Mine ironstone.
Annual output coal 130000 tons ironstone 100000 tons.
Power used electricity 550v
Explosion 2 July 1937, 30 killed.
A fire started in the four foot seam between 6-30 and 7-00 a.m. and at 7 a.m. there was an explosion which killed three men. It occurred about three quarters of a mile from the pit bottom.Three hours later a second serious explosion occurred killing the entire rescue party, including the president of the North Staffs. Colliery Owners Association, a senior inspector of mines and a sub-inspector.

Royalty paid by John Gilbert to Sir J.E. Heathcote on leased land, 1/- per ton above the canal level and 8d. per ton below.

White’s Directory 1851.
William Watson Colliery Agent, Hollinshouse, Stadmoreslow.

Dr. Plott c.a. 1686 .
Mr. Poole of Hardingswood, skilled in coal winning.
Footrail working.
Dirt tips at G.R. 831 546 app., probably those from Heathcote’s Harecastle colliery.

(NEW) HEM HEATH. (Hodgkinsons.)
Post Office Directory of Staffs. 1872.
Chesterton, manager, Edward Moss.
Keate’s Gazeteer and Directory of the Potteries and Newcastle 1875/6.
Hem Heath Mining Company, Edward Moss manager.
Newcastle, Hem Heath Mining Co.Manager, Charles Maynard.
86 u/g, 30 a/g.
Ironstone, Half Yards, Red Shag, Red Mine.
1905 Geological Survey.
Red Shag ironstone at 275 yards.
Colliery worked by a Mr. Hodgkinson who lived at what later became the Fanny Deacon hospital. He owned brickyards and roofing tilebanks in the Chesterton area. The colliery was latterly managed by a
Mr. Hassam.
The mine hearth was served by a siding from the Chesterton branch, the N.S.R. took out one train of ironstone a day.
Cat AB Mine Plans. 1929.
Hem Heath, 7500, psh Chesterton.
Coal and ironstone, Red Shag, Red Mine, Blackband. Abandoned 31 March 1921.
11NE 1925. H 6.
11SE 1926 A 4.5.6. B 5.6.
Accident, twelve men gassed by CO from a fire started in the underground blacksmiths shop.
Site reclaimed for Newcastle Borough Council, Parkhouse Industrial estate, Phase 1 , during 1975 by contractor Henry Moulting.

HOLLINSWOOD COLLIERY. (Numbers 13 ; 15 ) Farm G.R. 833 535. app.
Working !870;s ? shafts at G.R. 833 536, 836 535. Dirt tips at 832 536.
Connected by a tramroad to Birchenwood.
Enoch Edwards 1853 1912 trade union official, M.P. 1906. Born Talke o; th; Hill started work aged 9 in 1861 at Hollingwood colliery for 6d a day.
Birchenwood, Yard, 4 ft. worked c.a. 1851/3
Stony 8 ft., Rough 7 ft., 10 ft., 4 ft.
Hollinwood, Harecastle
Bidder and Elliot, Harecastle and Woodshutts Collieries, S-on-T.
2 u/g, 2 a/g.

THE HOLLINS. (Hollins, Butt Lane. G.R. 829 540. app.)
Colliery predates 1770, R.E. Heathcote sold to Rigbys. Abandoned about 1852/3. Replaced by Bunkers Hill Nibble pits.

HOLLY LANE G.R. 877 579. app. Farm 879 581. app.
Source of the name for the Holly Lane seam, at one time the most popular house coal in the district.
1896 Holly Lane, Biddulph. Robert Heath and Sons Ltd.
Manager D. Shufflebotham.
109 u/g, 12 a/g.
Coal, Holly Lane, Magpie.
1905 Geological Survey.
An old shaft on a tip heap by the roadside 250 yards south west of Holly Lane farm reaches the 7 foot Banbury at 159 yards.
Rail connection to the Biddulph valley line.

HODGEFIELD ( see Goldenhill.)

HILLTOP. G.R. 917 459. app. ( Near Ubberley Hall Colliery. )
O.S. 6 inch. Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Hill Top 359
Psh. S-on-T, Ironstone Half Yards, Red Shag. Abandoned prior to July 1875.
12NW 1925.H 1.2.
12SW 1926. A 1.2.
Hill Top 2453
Psh. S-on-T, coal, Cockshead abandoned 29 March 1890
18NE 1925. C 3.

Until his death in 1840 John Smith owned Hallfield colliery.
Slater’s Directory 1851.
Charles John Smith,
Hallfield colliery.
William Sherratt Cope Agent
White’s Directory 1851.
Hallfield, Burslem, Charles John Smith.
W.S.Cope Agent.
Cat Ab.Mine Plans 1929.
Hallfield 9306 psh. S-on-T, Coal, Winghay. Ab. 1852.
Hallfield psh. S-on-T, Coal, Winghay, Rowhurst, Burnwood and seam unamed. Ironstone Winghay. Ab. 1862.
Plans G.A. Mitcheson, Hall End, Tamworth.
12Sw 1926. E 6.7. F 6.7. G 6.7.8. H 8.
(Old shafts shown 4785 893 near Hallfield brickworks.)

F & E Pepper, 13 High Street, Wood Lane, Bignall End, S-on-T.
Coal manufacturing, Top Two row, 10 foot.
8 u/g, 1 a/g.
deliveries 1949.

Samuel Piggot killed in Halmerend coal pit 1693.

HALL O LEA. G.R. 841 566. app.<> N.S.I.M.M.E.
John Heath Hall o; Lea Colliery, Mow Cop, S-on-T. Elected 1874.
1880 Hall o; Lea and Stanfield collieries, Robert Cole manager.
1905 Geological Survey.
440 yards north 4 degrees west of Hall o’ Lea farm. Owned by the Goldendale Iron and Coke company, Mr. Branson manager.
The shaft to the 7 foot Banbury coal is on the south west side of the brook. Also, the 4 foot worked at 140 yards. The measures are highly inclined in the Two Row and the 7 Foot Banbury.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Hall o’ Lea.
Psh. Newchapel, Odd Rhode.
Coal, Bullhurst, 8 foot Banbury. Abandoned 24 12 1890.
6SE 1926. A 8.9.
Site reclaimed 1976.

HAMEL COLLIERY. G.R. 872 500. app.
Before 1816 this colliery was worked by John Gallimore, ( and previously by his father ). Gallimore was bankrupted, we believe, by John Wedgwood. John Ward (c.a. 1838 ) states that Hamel colliery was owned by John Wedgwood.
White’s Directory 1851
Hamel and Bycars collieries, the executors of the late John Wedgwood. John Dean Agent.
This John Dean born 1799 could be the son of John Dean, farmer of Butters Green. He managed Wedgwood’s Bignall Hill and Burslem collieries.
Slater’s Directory 1851.
Hamil and Bycars colliery.
Nicholas Price Wood.
John V. Caulton, Colliery Agent, Hamel Colliery, Burslem. Elected 1875.
1880 Hamel and Bycars collieries Wigley and Caulton.
Coal; Winghay, Spencroft, Chalkey, Great Row. 1869.
Rowhurst, Burnwood 1874.
Ironstone; Gubbin, Burnwood, Bassey Mine, Cannel Mine 1874.
Chalkey Mine 1869.
12NW 1925. F 3.4. G 2.3.4. H 2.3.4.
12SW 1926. A

HANLEY BOROUGH COLLIERY. possibly G.R. 897 478
Northwood colliery is at G.R.893 476. app. ( the site is now the Northwood Sports Stadium) . The site bounded by Cromer Road and Bucknall old and new roads.
1900 Hanley Borough Colliery Co. Ltd. Hanley, Staffs.
1905 Geological Survey.
The Northwood marl pit close and to the west of Hanley Borough Colliery.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Hanley, Northwood or Cromer Road. 6717.
Psh. S-on-T. Coal, Burnwood Abandoned 25 May 1917.

HANLEY AND BUCKNALL. G.R. 905 478. app.
On the west side of Bucknall Park, old collieries at G.R. 907 478 , 909 478 app.
John Smith until his death in 1840 owned coal pits in the vicinity of Northwood park.
Colliery probably owned c.a. 1870 by C.J.H. Homer.
William Millington Hanley and Bucknall Collieries . Elected 1873.
Edward Millington Hanley and Bucknall Collieries. Elected 1873.
1905 Geological Survey.
Bullhurst 6 feet thick.
Rail connection to N.S.R. worked by Chatterley Whitfield c.a. 1892 – 1904.
Abandoned 1904 ?
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Hanley Psh. S-on-T, Coal, yard, Ragman.
Hanley District Psh. S-on-T, Coal, Rowhurst, Twist. Ironstone Winghay abandoned 1857.
Hanley and Bucknall Coal, Bowling Alley, Holly Lane, Hardmine, Banbury, Bullhurst. Abandoned Dec. 1891.
Hanley and Bucknall Nos. 1, 2, 3. --- 2416. Coal, Cockshead. Abandoned 2 10 1889.
Hanley and Bucknall Heath House --- 2536 Coal Ragman. ; 19 11 1890. Hanley and Bucknall Blakelow and Greasleyside ; Bucknall Church ; Moss. ---9307
Banbury 1877, Cockshead 1888.
Hanley and Bucknall
12SW 1926. E 9.10.11. F 9.10.11.G 9.10.11. H 11.
12SW 1926. F 8.9. G8.9. H 9.
Hanley ( District ).
12SW 1926. E 6.7. F 6.7. G 6.7.
Hanley and Bucknall Nos. 1, 2, 3.
12SW 1926.E 11. F 11.12.
Hanley and Bucknall ; Heath House.
12SW 1926. F 10.
Hanley and Bucknall;
Blakelow and Greasleyside, Bucknall church, Moss.
12SW 1926. D 11.12. E 11.12. F 10.11.12. G 10.11.12. H 10.11.

Coal; Burnwood. Ab. 25 May 1917.
12SW 1926. E 9. F 8.9. G 8.9.

White;s Directory 1831.
Joseph Hulme Coalmaster, Harriseahead.
White;s Directory 1851.
William Jackson Colliery manager, Harriseahead.
Harrison and Harrod and Co Directory and Gazeteer of Staffordshire 1861.
William Wooliscroft, manager, Harriseahead colliery.
1896 George Blood Harriseahead colliery.
8 u/g, 3a/g.
To the north of Trubshawe colliery and west of Stonetrough colliery there are several sites to the north of Harriseahead including G.R. 885 560, 853 561 ; 859 565.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Harriseahead 446 Psh. Newchapel Coal Top Two Row prior to 1876.
Harriseahead 3103 ; Bowing Alley 15 1 1894.
Harriseahead 3103A ; 7 ; 8 foot Banbury 7 9 1900
Harriseahead 7123 Top Two Row or Magpie 12 1912
Harriseahead 7124 ; Bowling Alley 30 3 1921
Harriseahead 7125 ; Holly Lane 6 1913
Harriseahead 8121 Rough 7 foot, Four foot, Ragman prior to 191 Harriseahead No. 1 9043 “ Winpenny, 7 foot Banbury, Bullhurst. 19 7 1927
6SE 1926. B 12. C 12.
7SW 1925. B 1. C 1.

Harriseahead colliery, Samuel Taylor and Son, Mow Cop.

HAYESWOOD COLLIERY. ( See Apedale and Podmore section.)

Hayhill Farm G.R. 870 579. app.
Colliery G.R. 872 579. app ?

Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Psh. S-on-T, coal and ironstone.
12NW 1925 F 6. G 6.

HAYING WOOD. (See Silverdale section.)

HEATHHOUSE (See Hanley and Bucknall.)

Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Heathy Lea 9311 psh. S-o-T, Coal Rowhurst. Abandoned 1875.
12SW 1926. H 9.

HAZLEWALL. G.R. 993 462 app.
A. Edwards.1882 A. Edwards.
Cheadle closed c.a. 1912 ?

Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Psh. Kingsley
Ironstone Abandoned 31 12 1887.
13SW 1925.E 10.11.12.F 10.11.12.G 10.11.12.
13SE 1925. F 1. G 1.


Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Psh. Wolstanton. Red marl ab. 19 12 1914.
11SE 1926. F 12. G 12.

Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Highfield 6718 Psh S-onT Coal Peacock ab. 20 1 1917
Highfield No.3 6928 Coal Great Row ab. 25 6 1919 Highfield No.4 7619 Coal and Ironstone Bassey Mine ab.11 1922
Highfield No.4;5 7404 Coal and Ironstone Peacock Bassey Mine Ab. 29 12 1921.
6SE 1926. H 10.
11NE 1925. A 9.10.

Footrail, Alsagers Bank.

1880 High Lane, Chatterley Iron Co.

A. Roberts, High Street, Halmerend, S-on-T.
Heathcote road No. 3 footrail, Halmerend.
Coal, Household and manufacturing, Hams number 1 and Two Row.
3 u/g, 1 a/g.
deliveries 1949.

White’s Directory 1834.
Daniel Fieldhouse, St Martin St., Heathcote Road

HIGH LANE G.R. 876 518 app.
1869 Stott and Co.
Five or more shafts from 877 515 to 880 515 to the south west of Burslem Golf club, connected by rail to Chatterley Whitfield.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Psh. S-on-T. Coal, Winghay. Ironstone Rusty mine. Abandoned 13 5 1891.
12NW 1925. D 3.4. E 3.4.
High Lane or Hillside 8006
Psh. S-on-T. Coal, Winghay abandoned 15 May 1922.
12NW 1925. E 4. F 4.

White’s Directory 1851.
Robert and John Forrester, Hollygreave colliery, Bucknall.
The royalty was Hollygreave Farm at G.R. 914 464 , pits at 915 464 may well be this colliery. (Very short distance from Ubberley Hall.)
1900 Hollygreave George Stevenson, 65 Chaplin Road, Normacot, Longton.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Hollygreave and Ubberley Hall. 1888
Psh. S-on-T, coal, Bullhurst, Cockshead, Winpenny. Abandoned 1885.
18NW 1925. B 12.
18NE 1925. A 1. B 1. C 1.
Hollygreave 7618.
Psh. S-on-T, Coal, Bullhurst, Winpenny. Abandoned January 1922.
18 NE 1925. A 2.

Emmanuel Lovekin autobiography.
( c.a. 1887. ) A colliery was started at Hollywall by Messrs. R. Goodwin and J. Scragg. Em. Lovekin was the manager until Mr. J. Scragg died and the firm broke up in December 1889.
Tramway from the Chatterley basin half a mile north to the Hollywall pits on the Harecastle tunnel. Owned by Robert Williamson around 1832. Probably bought out by the N.S.R.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Hollywall 2695
Psh. S-on-T. Ironstone Red mine, Oil shale Abandoned 12 12 1881.
Hollywall 5127
Psh. S-on-T. coal, Ironstone. Red Mine Abandoned 34 7 1907.
11NE 1925. C 9.10.

Apedale. Heathcote’s Home farm.
Deliveries 1972.

Collieries south west of Hulme.
Old colliery at 931 458 app.
Old collieries at 926 457, 926 454. Connected by tramway to Dividy lane.

Old colliery at G.R. 938 453 app.
Near Hulme.
18NE 1925.D 7.

Thomas M. Goddard, Hulme Colliery, Near Longton. Elected 1872. (died 1872.)
Henry S. Richards, Coalmaster, Hulme Colliery, Longton. Elected c.a.1875.
1900 Hulme colliery Company Ltd.
Hulme Gainsmore 1896 Standing
Hulme Rookery.
Cat Ab Mine Plans 1929.
Hulme or Gainsmore 529
Psh. S-on-T. Coal, Cockshead. Abandoned prior to March 1876.
Hulme ; Gainsmore ; Rookery. 4500
Coal, Cockshead, Banbury, Hard mine, New mine, Ten feet, Bowling Alley, Holly Lane.
Abandoned June 1903.
18NE 1925. C 4. D 3.4.5. E 4.5. F 5.

1880 Hulme colliery, Joseph Waine. Hulme, Stoke on Trent.

HOLLYWOOD. (See Silverdale section.)

1949 Hayeswood colliery Co. Ltd. Audley S-on-T
Coal, manufacturing, Brown mine and New Mine.
14 u/g. 4 a/g.
Agent A.A. McConnell.

HOMER. See Great Fenton, Stafford Coal and Iron.
Stafford Coal and Iron Co Ltd.
Manager P Brennan.
12 u/g. 33 a/g.
Coal and Ironstone Rag Mine.

HOLLYBUSH. See Berry Hill.
1869 William Bowers.
1896 Henry Warrington and Son.
Manager Timon Barker, undermanager D. Bannister.
76 u/g. 26 a/g.
Coal, Knowles.

1896 Robert Heath and sons, Biddulph.
Manager James Lockett, undermanager D. Shufflebotham
405 u/g, 59 a/g.
Coal, Hardmine, Cockshead.

HEAD O LANE. (Starvation pits. )
Colliery between Gill Bank and Goldenhill. Probably dates from the purchase of the Turnhurst estate from Gresley by Brindley and partners. Workings off the canal tunnel before it was finished , justified by the need for water. Boat workings in the Great Row hence the ;starvationers

1869 Hawley and Co.

1880 Earl Granville, Hanley.

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